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We worry and run after material things believing that these things are our providers.We need to take time out to reflect on one of the greatest attributes of ALLAH(SWT),i.e. Ar-Razzaq.We all know about Him as The Provider,but do we really internalize it,Do our hearts deeply relyon the providence of ALLAH(SWT).

The One who creates all means of nourishment and sustenance.He is The One Who provides everything that is needed (The rizq).It means that He alone bestows all means of support and growth,for the body,the mind and the spiritual life.

If ALLAH(SWT) provides for a small insect,a sapling,or a small bird,then is HE (SWT) not sufficient for us?Does HE(SWT) not know what we need and what we want?Is he not aware of our physical and psychological requirements?Will HE (SWT) not rizq (lightness)to a starving heart?

The fact is that ALLAH(SWT) takes care of all of us and ALLAH(SWT) is providing for us all from unlimited means.Sometimes we get depressed and despair of ever receiving HIS infinite mercy.At that point we need to think and reflect on this attribute of ALLAH(SWT),we also need to remember the supplication of Prophet Musa(peace and blessing be upon him);
"My Lord!I am in need of whatever good that You bestow on me"(QURAN,28:24)

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Huawei ICT competition

Thirteen teams from 10 countries comprising of 39 students emerged victorious from the middle east regional national competition and participated in the Middle East finals in Dongguan.

Ater the immense competition,the Lebanese team secured the first prize.The Pakistani team1 and the team from Bahrain won the second prize and the Pakistan team 2,the Jordanian and the team from Saudia Arabia won the the third prize.The competition is a Huawei annual ICT event,first conceived in 2016,designed for the betterment of global students.Since it's launch in september this year,the competition has held 134 roadshows attracting 21565 participants from 437 universities in across 10 countries.

Pakistan's six winners Neeraj Harijan,Syed Qazi Shameel uddin from Mehran University,Hasseb Mehdi,Syed Mohammad Kazmain from Nust,Muhammad Salman and Mohammad Omar from virtual university were chosen.

Amabassadors of China,Pakistan,Oman,Barhain,Jordan and Saudi Arabia were present at the ceremony.
Pakistan Ambassador to China Ms.Naghmana Alamgir addressed the gathering and praised the young talent and wish them luck.
This visit provided students a real opportunity to work with some of the world's most qualified pioneers in Huawei's facilities.Participants performed field experiments at specialized labs and research centers,enabling them to tackle the complex challenges in areas such as cloud computing,IOT and network security.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Rivers of Jannah

"(Here is)A parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised.In it are rivers of water,incorruptible;rivers of milk of which the taste never changes;rivers of wine,delicious to those who drink;and rivers of honey,pure and clear.
In it there are for them all kinds of fruits and forgiveness from their Lord,Can those in such bliss be compared to such as shall dwell forever in the fire?

Those whom shall be given boiling water to drink,it will so hot that it cuts up their bowls to pieces."

"As for righteous,they will be in the midst of gardens and rivers,in and assembly of truth,in the presence of a sovereign Omnipotent."

(SURAH al-QAMAR 54:54-55)

"Verily ALLAH will admit those who believe and do righteous deeds to gardens beneath which rivers flow.While those who reject ALLAH will enjoy (this world) and eat as cattle eat,The Fire will be their abode."


ABU HURAIRAH (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said:

"The Saihaan,Jaihaan,Euphrates and Nile are all among the rivers of Jannah" (MUSLIM)

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Six Rights of a Muslim woman


The PROPHET (S.A.W) said:"If there comes to you one with whose character and religious commitment you are pleased,then marry (your daughter or female relative under your care)to him."


"And give the women(upon marriage)their (bridal) gifts graciously.But if they give up willingly to you anything of it,then take it satisfaction and ease."QURAN 4:4


"The most complete of the believers in faith,is the one with the best character.And the best of you are those who are best to their women."(At-Trimidhi)


"A believing man does not despair a believing woman.If he finds something in her character he dislikes,he will be pleased by something else."(SAHI MUSLIM 1469)


"The most complete believers are those with the best characters,and the best of you are those who are best to their womenfolk."(At-Trimidhi)


"But the father of the child shall bear the cost of the mother's food and clothing on a reasonable basis"(QURAN 2:233)

It is fundamental for both husband and wife to respect the rights of each other.In the subcontinent region men are not ready to give their due inheritance right accordingly most women are not ready to give due right to their husband for polygamy,so balance needs to be done from both sides.As the time passes domestic violence has become the greatest curse and therefore it has become necessary to educate men about the rights of their wife in order to get rid of this domestic abuse.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Pakistan's Raising Foreign Debt

Beating Pakistan People's Party (ppp) and Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (pmln) regime far behind,the PTI government during the first 13 months of it's tenure has added almost 35percent the total debt that Pakistan has accumulated in the previous 71 years of it's independence.

Latest figure of State bank of Pakistan revealed that Pakistan's total debt and liabilities which were 29,879 billion on 30th of June 2018 has reached 41,489 billion rupees on 30th of September 2019.This increase has been noticed in the last fifteen months of PTI government which came into power last year after getting highest number of votes in the general elections.

But most of the Pakistani people are still of the opinion that when PTI came into power Pakistan had a massive current account deficit of $1.2 billion per month and our reserves were almost depleted.That's why the PTI government was left with no other option but to ask assistance from foreign nations.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Health facts















Donald Trump

Donald Trump sheltered Jenifer Hudson rent-free after her family was murdered.

Donald Trump sued the city of Palm beach when he bought a segregated club,Mar A Lago to open it to Jews and Blacks.

Donald Trump paid to ensure a Mexican American boy to graduate from college,when he saw a news story about his terminally ill mom.

Donald Trump dispatched his to fly a Jewish sick boy for special care when he heard no airline would accommodate his medical equipment.

Donald Trump send $10,000 to a hero bus driver Darnell Barton,when he saw a story that how he saved a woman from jumping off a bridge.

Donald Trump gave the job of constructing Trump tower Barbara Res,making her the first woman in history to build a skyscraper.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

What goodness in Banana

Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious.They contain several essential nutrients and provide benefits for digestion,heart health and weight loss.

Aside from being very nutritious,they are also a highly convenient snack food.Banana are among the world's most popular fruit,native to Southeast Asia they are grown in many warm parts of the world.

Bananas vary in color size and shape.The most common type is the Cavendish,which is a type of desert Banana.Green when unripe,it yellows as it matures.

Bananas contain a fair amount of fiber,as well as several antioxidants.Each Banana has almost 105 calories and consists almost exclusively of water and carbs.Banana hold very little protein and almost no fat.

The carbs in green unripe Banana consists mostly of starch and resistant starch,but as the Banana ripen the starch turns into sugar.

They may even aid weight loss as they are relatively low calories and nutrient-dense.A great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Common benefits

  • Bananas support heart health.
  • Bananas contain powerful antioxidants.
  • Bananas help in improving digestive health.
  • Bananas helps in moderating blood sugar level.
  • Bananas will help you feel more ful.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Fruits of the Quran and Sunnah








Facts about food

Honey is the only natural food that never spoils

The most popular snack food is potato chip.

Cucumbers are 96% water.

Just 2 Bananas will provide you with enough energy for an intense 90 minutes workout.

Avocados have the most Calories than any other fruit.

Green tea has 50% more vitamin c than black tea.

3 Carrots give you energy to walk 3 miles,they were first grown as a medicine,not food.

An egg contains every vitamin,except vitamin C.

A Banana contains 70% water.

Apples are more effective in waking you up in the morning than coffee.

Thursday, October 31, 2019


In his tweet Prime Minister Imran khan stated"Deeply saddened by the terrible tragedy of the TEZGAM TRAIN.My condolences go to the victim's families and prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured.I have ordered an immediate inquiry to be completed on an urgent basis".

Today on 31 October 2019 Tezgam a passenger train which was traveling from Karachi to Rawalpindi met an accident.The accident took place because of the sheer negligence of a passenger who used portable gas stove to prepare breakfast.

Three coaches are completely destroyed and 74 passenger has been reported as confirm dead,but since the bodies are being burnt so badly that DNA test need to be done to confirm the idea of the dead.However so far 9 dead bodies has been recognized.The government has announced to give PKR 2million to the families of dead people PKR0.3 to 0.5million to the injured passenger.

The accident took place approx 150 km from the city of Multan.

In the press briefing The minister of Railway promised the nation that investigation will be completed within ten days and the culprits will be punished for their negligence which result in such a huge massacre.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019













Bilal(RA),The companion of Rasool ALLAH (SAW),began his life as a persecuted slave in Arabia.He went on to become one of the Holy Prophet's (SAW) greatest companions.
Mansa musa was the tenth King of the wealthy west African Islamic Muslim Empire.He has been referred as richer than anyone could describe.He was vey generous and on one occassion gold to poor in Cairo that he caused mass inflation in the city.
Abu Uthman Amr also known as Al-Jahiz,was a renowned theologian and one of the most important writers in Islamic history.Born in Basra and livin throuh the 9th century,Al-Jahiz wrote some 200 books over the course of his life.
Asama'U was a princess,a revered poet,a teacher and was the daughter of the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate.She was well educated in QURANIC studuies knew four languages and had a reputation as as leadin female scholar.She was devoted to the education of Muslim Women.
Yrrow Mamout was freed Muslim slave who became a landowner and local celebrity in GeorgeTown,Washingtown DC in the early 19th century.He was known to wear a robe,use prayer beads,and pray facing the east.
Malcom X was a revolutionary Black civil right activist in the United states,and was an interal part in the civil right movement in 50s and 60s and is remembered for his unapologetic speeches in the face of white America.
MUHAMMAD ALI,not only is he deemed as the greatest boxer of all time but was also a vocal activists.MUHAMMAD ALI is widely regarded as one of the,if not the most significant sports figure of the 20th century.MUHAMMAD ALI was never shy to express his religious identity,even at the peak of his fame.


1)As You grow older You realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.
2)Dream big,work hard,stay focused and surround your self with good people.
3)If you are lucky enough to get a second chance at something don't waste it.
4)Worrying is a waste of time it doesn't change anything.It messes with your mind and steals your happiness.
5)Never say Good bye when you still want to try.Never give up when you can still take it.Never say You don't love them when You can't let go.
6)They ignore you now,but they will need you later,that's just how it goes.
7)Be with someone who won't stay mad at you,who can't stand not talking to you,and who's afraid of losing you.


Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us.
Life does not happen by itself,We need to make it happen.
One must accept something in order to change it.
When we change ourselves our lives follow suit and change too
We must take responsibility for what is in our lives
The past,present and future are all connected
We cannot think of two different things at the same time
Our behavior should match our thoughts and actions
One cannot be present if they are looking backward

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Turkey and Russia

In a press conference held in SOCHI,Russia/Ankara by President Erdogan and President Putin of Russia it was decided that Syrian and Russian forces will deploy in the northeast Syria to remove Kurdish YPG fighters and their weapons from the border with Turkey under a deal agreed on Tuesday which both Moscow and Ankara hailed as a triumph.

Hours after the deal the deal was announced the Turkish defense minister said that the United states has told Turkey that the withdrawal of Kurdish militants was complete from the safe zone Ankara demands in Northern Syria.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Pakistan awaits....

In a call made from Prime Minister Imran Khan to President Erdogan on Friday regarding recent developments.The Prime Minister told him that Pakistan truly understands Turkey's concern relating to terrorism.

As a country which has lost 70,000 lives due to terrorism and borne the burden of more than 3 million refugee for decades,Pakistan is fully cognizant of the threats and challenges being faced by Turkey having lost 40,000 of it's people to terrorism.

The Prime Minister conveyed that,like always Pakistan stands in full support and solidarity with Turkey.We pray that Turkey's efforts for enhanced security regional stability and peaceful resolution of the Syrian situation are fully successful.The Prime Minister further stated that the Pakistani government and people of Pakistan are looking forward to accord a warm welcome to President Erdogan on his forthcoming visit to Pakistan later this month.


Three day celebrations of 276th urs of great Sufi saint and poet HAZRAT AHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI has begun from monday(today) at Bhit shah town of district Matiari amid strict security measures.

Strict security arrangements have beeen made to provide a peaceful environment to thousands of devotes while all required arrangements to provide basic facilities have also been completed.

As many as 2400 police cops and 80 rangers troops are deputed in Bhit Shah while close circuit cameras have also been installed to maintain peace and to ensure the safety of people

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Bread is one of the oldest prepared food.There's evidence human were whipping up a crude form of the stuff some 30,000 years ago.Sliced bread,however has been around for less than a century.The first automatically sliced commercial loaves were produced on July 6,1928 in chillicothe,Missouri,using a machine invented by Otto Rohwedder,an lowa-born,Missouri based jeweler.Rohwedder's quest to make sliced bread a reality was not without it's challenges.

In 1917 fire destroyed his prototype and blueprints and he also faced skepticism from bakers,who thought factory-sliced who thought that factory sliced loaves would quickly stale or fall a part.Nevertheless,in 1928,Rohwedder's rebuilt power driven multi bladed bread slicer was put into action at his friend Frank Bench's Chillicothe Baking Company.One of the first major Brands to distribute sliced bread was wonder,starting in 1930.

Saturday, October 5, 2019


Ramadan is a holy month of fasting,introspection and prayer for
Muslims,the followers of Islam.Fasting is one of the five fundamentals
pillars of Islam.Each day during Ramadan,Muslim do not eat or drink from
sunrise to sunset.They are also supposed to avoid impure thoughts and
bad behavior.Offering five prayers during the month of Ramadan is
compulsory.Tarweeh are also offered after night prayers in Masajid.
Muslims break their daily fast by sharing meal with family and friends
and the Ramadan is celebrated with a festival known as Eid ul fitr.One
of Muslims major holidays.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Foreign minister SMQ received the two visiting US congressmen representative Jim Himes and Sean Patrick in the afternoon.Both are members of the house Permanent Select committee on Intelligence and are visiting Pakistan for the first time.

Minister Briefed the visiting congress men on the state of play in the bilateral relationship and the recent engagements between Pm Imran khan and President Trump.It was noted that two leaders had agreed to intensify the economic and trade relations in order to build a broad based and enduring partnership.

While appreciating the President's sincere offer to mediate and his deep concern on the humanitarian crisis in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.The minister appraised the congressmen on the gravity of situation caused by Indian brazen display of force and continuous curfew in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


On 24 September 2019 horrific earthquake struck the Area of mirpur in Kashmir,Pakistan

The magnitude of the earthquake recorded on the Richter scale was 5.8,the earthquake lasted for about 15 seconds and the after shocks were also felt by the locals.

Dozens of cars and homes are damaged,according to a report for about 450 homes are completely destroyed including two important bridges.

The authorities stated that Mangla dam remained safe during the earthquake however the turbine used to generate has been closed down to make sure that it is safe.Cellphone and electricity services are also disrupted.

Immediate rescue operation has been started by Pakistan military.25 people lost their lives and hundreds more are injured and are under treatment in various hospitals.Efforts are being made to restore main link roads which were affected by the earthquake.Pakistani government is now confident to say that will be able to contained the situation.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Passenger bus got crashed in Gilgit

Today in the early morning a passenger bus in the area of Babsar top Gilgit got crashed in a giant rock resulted in 26 deaths and 15 injured.

Rescue 1122 reached the accident spot after 1 hour of the accident,injured are transferred to Chilat hospitals for medical aid.The hospital is at a distance of 1hour and 30 mins from the accident spot.

The accident took place at 8am however the cause of the accident is still not clear.The accident took place at the height of 13000 ft above sea level

The passenger bus was traveling from skardu to Rawalpindi.The people of skardu has requested immediate availability of helicopter ambulance.Emergency aid has been to injured travelers.

Friday, September 20, 2019


Water from boiled vegetables can be used to water plants in your garden water in which vegetables have been boiled contains minerals and vitamins that naturally leak from the cooking plant cells.

Harvard medical school guide suggests salvaging the water after draining the vegetables.Give that nutrient rich water back to your garden plants and watch them thrive you can also use the water for soups and sauces if you are able to store it properly at the desired temperature.

Now it is being widely used because of the numerous benefits that it offer.


Fill a large bowl with 4 parts water to 1 part plain white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.Soak the fruit or vegetables you would like to clean in the mixture for 20 minutes.Rinse the fruit or vegetable well with water .This works well to remove wax and pesticides from berries and fruit and doesn't leave a smell after you rinse away the vinegar.


Putting pink salt on pineapple slice will make it taste swetter.The salt reduces the pineapple's acidity,decreasing any sourness or tartness.

Pineapple and it's compound have been linked to many healthy benefits,including aiding digestion,boosting immunity and speeding up recovery from surgery,among others.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

On going humanitarian crisis in Palestine

Israeli security forces killed a Muslim woman at a checkpoint in the west bank.Witness say that the woman was shot ten times after missing a pedestrian lane.The woman had seemingly entered the wrong section of the check point and was trying to reach the bus section.

According to Palestinian Red Crescent,Israeli forces prevented the medics from reaching the woman.The Israeli forces allege that the woman was carrying a knife.Israeli forces followed shootings by attacking the civilians through tear gas.

It is estimated that 56% of the Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces at the checkpoints.The west bank barred 150,000 Palestinian civilians for crossing the border for work during the Israeli's general election



They respect everyone


They only respect people with power


They don't try to make people like them


They try hard to make people like them


They aren't attention seeker


They are desperate for attention


They don't brag


They show off all the time


They are nice and helpful most of the time


They are only nice when they have a hidden agenda

Monday, August 5, 2019

RSS stabbed in the back

India will revoke Kashmir's special status after an unprecedented security crack down.

Kashmir leaders said that they have been set under house arrest.The internet and telephone connection has been cut in the region and the public gatherings are banned.The proposal is the most radical change for Kashmir's status since 1947.It has been advocated by the hindu nationalist for decades.Pakistan has condemned the decision and have decide to take all measures to counter this abnormal and inhuman move made by India.The region is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan.Article 370 guaranteed the state it's own constitution and autonomy except for the areas of defense and foreign currency.

Protest has been observed all over the world in front of the Indian consulate all over the world.People all over the world has expressed deep concern over such matter.

Thursday, August 1, 2019


Israel approved the construction of 6000 new homes for israeli settlers and 700 new homes for Palestinians in an area of the occupied west bank where it has full control.

The announcement by an unknown israeli official on Wednesday came ahead of an unexpected visit to israel by US.

The approvals are for the west bank's area C,which is under israeli security and civilian control and where its settlements are located it accounts for more than 60 percent of the west bank,The Palestinian territory that would form part of a future Palestine state under the so called 2 state solution.

It was not immediately clear if all of the homes will be new construction or if some already exist and are receiving retroactive approval.

Settlements are illegal under international Law and are major stumbling blocks to an Israeli Palestinian peace agreement.They are built on land the Palestinians see as part of their future state.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


International students

from Pakistan can now get a student visa for Canada in less than three weeks.The Canadian immigration department has recently added Pakistan in it's student direct stream programme.


Government is taking possession of runaway former finance minister Ishaq Dar on NAB'S request.On Saturday,Dar's five kanal house in Gulberg was taken into possession.

2.1 Million

People have filled their tax returns a new record in the history of FBR history.The FBR will issue notice to atleast 100,000 filers as less than five days remain for filling of tax returns of 2018.


is the medium of instruction at the primary level in public schools announced the Punjab government.It will come in to affect from the next academic session beging in March.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Facts about Psychology

1)Ignorant people are more likely to believe they are brilliant,while intelligent people are more likely to underestimate themselves.

2)No matter how much it hurts now,someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better.

3)Pain changes people,it makes them trust less,overthink more,and shut people out.

4)True love makes you stronger,strong enough that it makes you capable to do anything.

5)People with a broken heart smile more than others.

6)Psychology says left handed people are considered to be more intelligent than right handed people.


1)You are gonna lose your fingernails,phenomena called as fingernail de lamination.

2)You will stop snoring.

3)The skin on feet peels off in space.

4)You will grow taller.Once you are subject to gravity again your spine will shrink back down to it's normal size.

5)Your vision will start to blur after spending too much time in space but it will last only for few days nothing to worry about.

Friday, July 19, 2019


ALLAH(SWT) says in the HOLY QURAN:

"It is HE Who made the sun a shinning thing and the moon as a light and measured out for it stages that you might know the number of years and the reckoning.ALLAH(SWT) did not create this but in truth.HE explains the Ayaat in detail for people who have knowledge".(YOONUS 10:5)

And from among HIS signs are the night and the day,and the sun and the moon.Prostrate yourselves not to the sun nor to the moon,but prostrate yourselves to ALLAH(SWT) WHO created them,if you(really)worship HIM".(Fussilat 41:37)

"The sun and the moon(move)by precise calculation"QURAN(55:5)

QURAN also mentioned (13:2)

ALLAH(SWT) is HE WHO raised the heavens without any pillars that ye can see;is firmly established on the throne (of authority);HE has subjected the sun and moon(to HIS law)!Each one runs(it's course)for a term appointed.HE doth regulate all affairs,explaining the signs in detail,that ye may believe with certainty in the meeting with your lord.

RASOOL ALLAH(SAW) said"The sun and the moon do not eclipse because of the death and life they are two signs among the signs of ALLAH(SWT).So,if you see them,offer the prayer (of eclipse)".

Monday, July 15, 2019


1)Shaving hair makes it thicker(myth)

1)After we cut the outer part of a hair what remains is a blunt,non-conical end which is what feels hard.(truth)

2)Hair and nails grow after death(myth)

2)After a person dies their skin becomes dehydrated and contracts,which creates the illusion of growth of hair and nails.(truth)

3)Soap kills bacteria(myth)

3)Soap only washes bacteria off without killing them away(truth)

4)De oxygenated blood is blue in color.(myth)

4)It's a dark red color.In school books it's colored blue to emphasize the contrast with the oxygenated blood.(truth)

5)Left and right brain(myth)

5)There is no solid division between the talents of each hemisphere.(truth)

6)Black holes are funnels which swallows every thing around.(myth)

6)A real black hole resembles a ball there is no hole in it.It is an object with strong gravitational effects,and it attracts everything that is nearby.(truth)

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Major achievements of PTI government

In first few months

1)Crack down on money laundering.

2)Full support to accountability drive.

3)Trade deficit reduced by 14 percent.

4)State land retrieved which has a worth of billions of rupees.

5)Full payment to farmers in rural areas in a much efficient and timely manner.

6)Special package for the development of war affected areas.

7)Allocation of defense budget for FATA and Balochistan.

8)Crackdown on gas and electricity theft.

9)Balance of payment,Default theft averted.

10)Development of shelter homes for homeless people where they are being provided with food,security,medical facilities,prayer romms and a comfortable environment.

11)Retrieval of prisoners from abroad such as Saudi Arabia,UAE,Malaysia and etc.

12)Successfully defending Pakistan against Indian Aggression.

13)Efforts to revise policies for public schools,public hospitals and other public bodies for greater good of the people of Pakistan.

14)Promotion of tourism.

15)Clean and green Pakistan.

16)Inauguration of road to MAKKAH project.

17)Health cards issued to eighty million Pakistani people in order to provide them with medical facility.

18)Revitalizing relations with China,Iran,UAE,Malaysia,Russia,USA,QATAR,Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Catastrophic event shook Pakistan

Death toll raises to 16

The sun of July 11,2k19 brought huge amount of sufferings for the people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan,as in a result of a major accident at least 16 people lost their lives and dozens of them are injured who were shifted to the nearest hospitals.

Near Sadiqabad a passenger train collided with a freight train due to human negligence as a result of which at least 36 passengers lost their life and 84 are severally injured who were shifted to the nearest health care units for first aid.Pakistan army took part in the rescue operation and saved valuable life of passengers.

Railways minister expressed deep sorrow over the loss of precious lives due to human error.He has lodged a full scale investigation to trace the real culprits.Moreover he has announced a relief package of rs 1.5million for the families of those whose relatives got killed in the accident while rs 500000 has been announced for those who are severally injured and 200000 for those with minor injuries.

Prime minister Imran khan offered deep condolence to the families of the victims and has asked to improve the railway infrastructure on urgent basis so in order to avoid such kinda events.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

India finally got the taste of their own medicine

Pakistan won and lost the world cup India lost and lost the world cup

Finally in ICC cricket world cup 2019 first semi final played between New Zealand and India on 9th and 10th of July 2k19,Black caps smoothly took away the opportunity from India to play the world cup finals by defeating India from 18 runs,and made their to the final second time in a row.

New Zealand won the toss and Williamson decided to bat first due to bad weather conditions the match was postponed for a day and continued again on july 10.On the loss of 8 wickets blacks caps scored 239 runs on the board in 50 overs,the New Zealand bowlers did exceptionally well and defended the target in an awesome way.

Trent Boult took the wicket of
Indian captain

They needed their opening bowlers to deliver and boult and Henry did just that they 4 wickets of india in powerplay1.Santher also did a fine job and took wicket of pandya and 21 yrs old pant who was in a good nick.The contribution of Ross Taylor and Williamson can't be ignored who put their team in a comfortable position by scoring runs on a difficult wicket.

First time in the history of one day cricket three indian openers got out at one run....what a shame!!!

Matt Henry was given man of the match for his exceptional performance,who took 3 indian wickets.

At last New Zealand made their to the finals proving that they are one of the best cricket team in the world

Huge Congrats to Black Caps


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Sweden Goal keeper faced threats

Sweden U19 football team goalie embraced Islam,and since been facing threats

She embraced Islam after meeting a Turkish Muslim boy

Since than she has been facing threats and criticism from various people and it's seven months now.She has also been facing threats because of decision to accept Islam.

On a TV the U19 football team Goalie revealed that she was first introduced to Islam when she was 15 years of age by her Turkish friend,she further said that his Turkish boyfriend and his family introduced different aspect of Islam to her and than they took Andersson to Turkey where she was greatly impressed by the Mosques moreover the Muslim way of life and their centuries old culture also had a deep impact on her ideology.

She stated to have a peaceful life after becoming a Muslim moreover she added,"I read the Holy Quran,I pray and fast"

Anderson had become a hot topic of discussion after she accepted Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him)as ALLAH'S messenger and officially announced her religious conversation to the public in may 2k18.

Congratulations to Muhammad Halil

Despite all his hardships Syrian refugee student Muhammad Halil,achieves a perfect score in Turkey wide exam.

His family fled the war from syria to Gaziantep,Turkey and finally to kilis,Turkey as his parents came to know that the level of education was better there.

Muhammad Halil said"I was pretty weak when I first started preparing for the exam,however with the passage of time I approved my level with the help of my teachers",


Monday, July 8, 2019

Tips from a Billionaire

1)Life is not fair so get used to it.

Stop expecting life to hand you the things you think you deserve

2) The world doesn't care about your self esteem.

Start making something of yourself today.Right now

3) You will not make six figures salary after school.

You will have to work hard for what you get

4)Flipping burgers is not below your dignity

Swallow your pride and take that job you think is beneath you as stepping stone.

5) If you mess up than it's not your parents fault.

Stop spreading the blame around and take your responsibility for your failures.

6)Your parents know something you don't

They know much more than you know since they have got much more experience than so respect their opinion.

7)Your school may have done away with losers and winners but life has not.

The result of an exam doesn't justify the means.It doesn't bear the slightest resemblance in real life.

8) Real life is different from reel life!!! Stop living in the fantasy world

You need to understand the fact that whatever you witness in TV or movies is fake you need to step up and fight you need to struggle in order to be successful in life.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

What is Sabr

Allah(swt) exhorts his servent to seek help with patience and prayer when facing calamities that may befall a person and AS SALAH(the prayer).(al-Baqarah 2:45),for patience is a way to ease,a way out from affliction,and a source of comfort and tranquility.

We will mention just a few of the many benefits of Sabr;

Victory:Just a relief comes with hardship,and ease after diificulty,victory is attained with patience.Victory in this worldly life and in the hereafter,Regarding victory in this life against the disbelievers,ALLAH(SWT) says,

"But if you remain patient and become Al-Muttaqoon(the pious),not the least harm will their cunning do to surely,Allah surrounds all that they do",

Sabr also brings an amazing source of support from ALLAH(SWT)

"Surely ALLAH is with those who are AS-SAABIROON"

Sabr brings power and strength:

"Verily,he who fears ALLAH with obedience to him (by abstaining from sins and evil deeds,and by performing righteous good deeds),and is patient,then surely,ALLAH makes not the reward of the Muhsinoon(good-doers) to be lost,"(Yusuf12:90)

Sabr brings in guidance,"Truly,there in are Ayaat(evidences,proofs and signs)for every patient,thankful (person),"

To add to this ALLAH(SWT) has granted to patient three special things,He(SWT) says,

"But give glad tidings to the patient.Who when afflicted with calamities,say:'Truly to ALLAH(SWT) we belong and truly,to HIM we shall return.They are those on whom are the salawaatfrom their LORD,and receive HIS mercy,and it is they who are the guided ones,"

Friday, July 5, 2019


Riaz Ahmad Pakistani actor

Actor Ahmed Riaz says that he missed star wars celebration due to racial profiling at an airport,The British-Pakistani actor who appeared in rogue 1;A STAR WAR STORY,missed this year's celebration at the time attributed to"Circumstances beyond his control".The annual convention celebrates the legendary film saga and features numerous cast legendary film makers.

Ahmed revealed that he was prevented from boarding the plane.

The actor revealed that he is regularly subjected to racial profiling and secondary checks at the airport.

"We need your help because it is really scary to be a Muslim right now like super scary.....I have often wondered is this going to be the year when the will round us up"

Ahmed became the first man of Asian decent to win an Emmy.

Thursday, July 4, 2019



This is Shukri's mother,look at the pain in her eyes,she has to live with the fact that her daughter she have carried for 9 months has been killed by a bunch of white racist kids and on top of that the police and the school are trying their hardest to cover the story.

12 year old Shukri(late)

Innocent little girl was who was a refugee from Somalia was drown to death by two of her school friends and the police are not investigating the case at all,we need to raise awareness for Shukri.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

ALLAH(SWT)'S strongest creature

A wise man once asked "who is the ALLAH'S(SWT) strongest creature?"

He answered,"when I saw the "iron"I thought that ALLAH'S strongest creature,but when I saw the "fire"who would melt the iron I thought it is the Allah's strongest creature.Then I realized that the fire could be extinguished by "water"so I thought that it is ALLAH'S strongest creature,but then again clouds bear the water water so I thought that it is ALLAH'S strongest creature.After I realized that winds can move the clouds so it is ALLAH'S strongest creature.

Then I saw humans standing in front of mountains who would slowly erode and puncture them so I thought that it is ALLAH'S strongest creature.But then I realized that humans will be knelled by sleep so I thought ALLAH'S strongest creature.while meditating I realized that stronger than sleep would be"the stress"so I thought ALLAH'S strongest creatures.But meditation and studying I realized that the hearth of stress and worries would be the "heart" so I believed....that ALLAH'S strongest creature.

After I found out that what would calm and relax the heart would be "DHIKR" and so I learned that ALLAH'S strongest creature is MENTIONING and remembering HIM exactly.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Tabrez Ansari lynched to death

24 years old Muslim boy Tabrez Ansari was lynched to death by a hindu extremist mob, in BJP owned Jharkand.He was being forced to chant jai shree ram,he pleaded for help for 12 hours but no one came for his rescuse.He was being tied up with a tree and was beaten up by the hindu extremist mob.

Meanwhile the Indian government has rejected a US report that raises concern about growing violence against MUSLIMS.The indian government states that the report is far from reality.

Indians protesting against the brutal killing of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkand India

Though the Indian citizen are on streets and protesting against the growing violence.In recent march The US state department issued a traveling warning for India due to crime and terrorism after a troubling rise of terror attacks and sexual assault.