Wednesday, September 25, 2019


On 24 September 2019 horrific earthquake struck the Area of mirpur in Kashmir,Pakistan

The magnitude of the earthquake recorded on the Richter scale was 5.8,the earthquake lasted for about 15 seconds and the after shocks were also felt by the locals.

Dozens of cars and homes are damaged,according to a report for about 450 homes are completely destroyed including two important bridges.

The authorities stated that Mangla dam remained safe during the earthquake however the turbine used to generate has been closed down to make sure that it is safe.Cellphone and electricity services are also disrupted.

Immediate rescue operation has been started by Pakistan military.25 people lost their lives and hundreds more are injured and are under treatment in various hospitals.Efforts are being made to restore main link roads which were affected by the earthquake.Pakistani government is now confident to say that will be able to contained the situation.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Passenger bus got crashed in Gilgit

Today in the early morning a passenger bus in the area of Babsar top Gilgit got crashed in a giant rock resulted in 26 deaths and 15 injured.

Rescue 1122 reached the accident spot after 1 hour of the accident,injured are transferred to Chilat hospitals for medical aid.The hospital is at a distance of 1hour and 30 mins from the accident spot.

The accident took place at 8am however the cause of the accident is still not clear.The accident took place at the height of 13000 ft above sea level

The passenger bus was traveling from skardu to Rawalpindi.The people of skardu has requested immediate availability of helicopter ambulance.Emergency aid has been to injured travelers.

Friday, September 20, 2019


Water from boiled vegetables can be used to water plants in your garden water in which vegetables have been boiled contains minerals and vitamins that naturally leak from the cooking plant cells.

Harvard medical school guide suggests salvaging the water after draining the vegetables.Give that nutrient rich water back to your garden plants and watch them thrive you can also use the water for soups and sauces if you are able to store it properly at the desired temperature.

Now it is being widely used because of the numerous benefits that it offer.


Fill a large bowl with 4 parts water to 1 part plain white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.Soak the fruit or vegetables you would like to clean in the mixture for 20 minutes.Rinse the fruit or vegetable well with water .This works well to remove wax and pesticides from berries and fruit and doesn't leave a smell after you rinse away the vinegar.


Putting pink salt on pineapple slice will make it taste swetter.The salt reduces the pineapple's acidity,decreasing any sourness or tartness.

Pineapple and it's compound have been linked to many healthy benefits,including aiding digestion,boosting immunity and speeding up recovery from surgery,among others.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

On going humanitarian crisis in Palestine

Israeli security forces killed a Muslim woman at a checkpoint in the west bank.Witness say that the woman was shot ten times after missing a pedestrian lane.The woman had seemingly entered the wrong section of the check point and was trying to reach the bus section.

According to Palestinian Red Crescent,Israeli forces prevented the medics from reaching the woman.The Israeli forces allege that the woman was carrying a knife.Israeli forces followed shootings by attacking the civilians through tear gas.

It is estimated that 56% of the Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces at the checkpoints.The west bank barred 150,000 Palestinian civilians for crossing the border for work during the Israeli's general election



They respect everyone


They only respect people with power


They don't try to make people like them


They try hard to make people like them


They aren't attention seeker


They are desperate for attention


They don't brag


They show off all the time


They are nice and helpful most of the time


They are only nice when they have a hidden agenda