Monday, March 30, 2020

Trump and Putin


 Trump said he would discuss oil with Vladimir Putin, as well as trade, potentially the
situation in Venezuela and the coronavirus pandemic. As the days pass the situation
gets worse the price of oil falls to $17 per barrel lowest in 17 years which has adversely
affected the economy of United States of America moreover due to this oil crisis tensions
 are also growing up between Saudia Arabia and Russia hence in order to mitigate
the effect Trump Putin call is scheduled soon.

However from Russia with love, there is positive news. The Russian specialist said they
have come up with an effective way to treat COVID-19 using an Anti Malaria drug.
This type of medication is now widely researched around the globe as an effective
remedy to defeat Coronavirus reported by Russia Ukraine.

Russia News is of the opinion that such a drug can be a possible cure from the pandemic.
While experts around the globe have been trying to create a specific vaccine against the virus
 behind the Global outbreak, there have also been active attempts to repurpose existing
 medicines to help the scores of Patients that badly need treatment.

US President Donald Trump has been actively promoting Hydroxychloroquine as
the”Biggest game-changer” in the fight against the highly contagious disease.
After the anti-malaria drug was used in china which managed to curb the coronavirus
 outbreak on its soil they became the subject of research in many countries in the
 United States, Canada,France, and others.

Today Russian pharmacists also believe in the effectiveness of medication against the
virus but suggested that another drug. Mefloquine should be employed. They said their treatment
was developed taking Chinese and French experience into account.

The drug which has been around since the 1970s blocks the degenerative effect COVID-19
 has on cells and doesn’t allow the cells to replicate further, The Russian Federal
Medical-Biological Agency said in a statement. They added the Melfoquine’s
 immunosuppressive effect prevents the inflammatory response caused by the disease.

The Russian medics have been working on “An effective and safe scheme to prevent
coronavirus infection on the basis of Mefloquine, which not only would reduce the
increasing number of cases but would also effectively control it in the future, the FMBA said.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


 Istanbul turkey, a great ally of Pakistan, came to the rescue, A hospital Turkey
gifted to Pakistan is assisting Pakistan in its battle against Coronavirus in the
remote areas of northeast Punjab province.
Pakistan is also affected by the dramatic impacts of the coronavirus.
The Pakistan army has issued an update on COVID-19 relief operations being
conducted in aid of civil administration across the country to ensure the
 implementation of safety measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

All points of entries being manned and monitored, the establishment of joint check
 post and joint patrolling with other law enforcement agencies are
conducted, ISPR reported on Saturday.

The ISPR further mentioned that in contact tracking and tracing of
 suspected coronavirus patients to isolate them is being carried out to curb the
 spread of highly contagious disease.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), army troops are assisting the civil administration
 for enforcement measures in various parts of Kotli, Bhimber, Mirpur, Barnala,
Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Kel, and Rawalakot.

Army troops are assisting in the management of Quarantine facilities. A total of 182
quarantine facilities have been established across the country.

In such difficult times, the Turkish government and Turkish leadership
 decided to help their Pakistani brothers.
The Recep Tayyip Erdogan hospital in Muzaffarabad district, some 380 km
from the provincial capital, Lahore has designated its newly-established 250-bed wing
 for suspected COVID-19 patients.

The hospital is among the 3 major facilities treating the coronavirus patients in the
 southern part of the province. It provides free healthcare facilities to
all patients irrespective of their background.

Currently, the hospital which began its operation in 2014 is treating 25
 patients tested positive for the virus, according to Dr. Ibn-e-Rasa an official
of Tayyip Erdogan Trust, which runs a chain of hospitals in the province.

Apart from one in Muzaffarabad, the trust is running five hospitals in Lahore
and 1 in Multan.

It is also handling the management of 2 major blood transfusion centers in 
Multan and Bahawalpur district under an agreement inked with the provincial
govt in April 2017.

The population of Turkey has also been affected by the virus according to the
reports 7000 suspected cases of coronavirus were reported even though Turkey
 decided to help Pakistan.

Most of the Analysts are of the opinion that TRUMP ERDOGAN should exchange
views over the impacts of coronavirus and should learn from each other's experiences.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Roof top NewYork is closed

 While medical experts all over the world scramble to develop an Antidote to coronavirus,
critically ill COVID-19
 patients in
Newyork are being administered massive doses of Vitamin C.

Doctors across Newyork are giving intensive-care patients high doses of Vitamin c,
 Based on experiment treatments given to people affected by covid-19 in Shanghai, China.

The benefits of vitamin c cannot be ignored but how much vitamin c to consume in a
 day varies from person to person. Adults should consume 65mg to 90 mg vitamin c
per day,2000
mg is the upper limit,
during menstrual disorders suggested dose of vitamin C is 1500 mg.

However, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist associated with Newyork’s
 largest healthcare provider
 Northwell Health, Dr. Andrew weber said that he has been giving critically ill
patients 1500 mg of
 vitamin c.
These patients are given the dose of antioxidants 3 or 4 times a day.

Each dose is more than 16 times the National Institute of Health's daily
 recommended dietary allowance of
 vitamin c
which is 90 mg for adult men and 75 mg for adult women.
The patients who received vitamin c did significantly better than those who
did not receive vitamin c he reported.

A spokesperson of Northwell that operates 23 hospitals said that vitamin C is
 widely used as corona treatment
throughout the system,but noted that medication protocols varied from patients to patients.

Jason Molinet said that vitamin C is administered in addition to such medicines as
 an anti-malaria drug.
 Hydroxychloroquine, the antibiotic Azithromycin, various biologics, and blood thinners,
Weber said.

He said vitamin C level in coronavirus patients drops dramatically when they suffer
sepsis,an inflammatory
that occurs when their bodies overreact to the infection.

However, Newyork York City is completely locked down. Time Square New York
 which is known for its
 hustle and bustle is empty as the city suffers from the worst attack of coronavirus.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Angry Trump
Trump Iran conflict is reaching its peak, reported by Iran news that the Iran leader has
refused United States Assistance to fight against the Coronavirus citing a conspiracy
 theory claiming that it could be man-made by the United States of America government.

From the past couple of month TrumpIran conflict is getting worse when America shot
down General Sulemani on the orders of President Donald Trump who claimed that
General Sulemani was a terrorist, the tension reached its peak when the Iran leadership
 decided to bomb American bases in Iraq after the attack on general Sulemani.
 Iran international claimed all the missiles launched by the Iranian military found their
targets, however, President Trump told the media that there were no casualties as a
result of the attack and all American forces are safe in Iraq due to timely measures taken in advance.
However many experts are of the opinion that if the TrumpIran conflict escalates
 then it could lead to the start of world war3.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comment came on Sunday Iran faces crushing 
US sanctions blocking the country from selling its crude oil and accessing international Financial
markets. As a result, Iran's economy is facing serious issues
and is struggling to fulfill the needs of its people.
While Iranian officials in recent days have increasingly criticized those sanctions,
80-year-old Khamenei instead echoed Chinese officials about the possible origin of coronavirus.
I don't know how real this accusation is but when it exists, who in their mind would
 trust you to bring them medication? Khamenei said. Possibly your medicine is a way to spread
 the virus more.
There is no scientific proof offered anywhere in the world to support Khamenei's claim.

However, his comments come after Chinese Govt spokesman Lijan Zhao tweeted earlier this month:
 it might be the US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Lijan, however,
 offered no evidence to support his claim, which saw the US state Department summon
  China's ambassador to complain.A Chinese newspaper tweeted on Sunday another
 allegation trying to link the virus to Italy.

However, the blame game continues and the American senator has trafficked in the
conspiracy theory that this man-made Chinese virus is actually a bioweapon.
The relation between China and America have been tense under President Trump
 amid a trade war between the nations.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan made President Trump lift sanctions on
humanitarian grounds so that Iran can fight against CoronaVirus and save the life of its citizens.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Gates of JAANAH




BAAB AS-Sadaqah






Make in India or Rapes in India

 4 men who were convicted for the rape and murder of a young woman on a Bus in New Delhi in 2012, in a case that shocked the world and shamed the country over its appealing records and crime against woman. According to an estimated New Delhi has the highest rate of rape cases.
The men were executed at Dawn in Tihar jail,on the outskirts of the capital. It is the same place where the great Kashmiri Muslim leader Yaseen Malik is put illegally by the Indian government.
Hundreds of Police were deployed outside the jail to control a crowd that waited to celebrate the execution. Some held placards that “Justice for women and hang the culprits”.
The crime which happened on the night of December 16, 2012, sparked massive protests and global outrage. The victim was dubbed Nirbhaya(the fearless one) by the Indian press as she could not be named under Indian law.

Today justice has been done after 7 years the victim's mother told reporters outside the prison. She prayed that May my daughter’s soul rest in peace.

6 men were arrested from brutal attack.1 suspect Ram Singh was found dead in his cell in 2013 having apparently taken his own life.
Another who was aged 17 at the time was released in 2015 after serving 3 years in a reform facility, the maximum term possible for a juvenile in India.
The 4 hanged on Friday were Gym instructor     Vinay Sharma, Bus cleaner Akshay Thakur, Fruit seller Pawan Gupta an unemployed Mukesh Sinh, who were all sentenced to death by a fast track court in 2013.

Attacked on a moving bus and left for dead on the roadside

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus in Bangladesh

 Coronavirus pandemic declared by the world health organization is such an infectious disease that it has affected the economy of the entire world according to the recent estimate more than100 Countries have been affected Bangladesh is also among such countries.
 To counter the catastrophe caused by coronavirus a massive coronavirus prayer
a session with ten of thousands of devotees sparked an outcry in Bangladesh on Wednesdays the Southasian nation reported 1st death from the global pandemic.

Local authorities funding police chief Tota Miah said some 10,000 Muslims gathered in
 an open field in Raipur town in southern Bangladesh to pray “HEALING VERSES” from
THE HOLY QURAN to rid the country of the deadly virus.

They held Khatm-e-Shifa prayer after Dawn to Free the country from the coronavirus
 Miah told that organizers claimed the number of worshippers was 25000.

Institute of epidemiology disease with other educational institutions is using all the available
resources to curb the effects of Coronavirus, the disease control and research has also
conducted several types of research to find a cure or vaccine in order to protect valuable lives
 from COVID19 however until now they have not reached a significant conclusion.
Meerjadi Sabrina flora director of control and research iedcr indicated that three more
people were diagnosed with COVID-19.

A senior leader from the ruling Awami League Obaidul Quader said a lockdown might be
required to contain the virus. If necessary Bangladesh will be shutdown. It will be enforced
where necessary.

The number of positive cases in the country of 168million. Epidemiology disease control
 reported that people stand at 14 although some medical experts fear not enough tests are
being conducted.
Police said they had to close 2 beaches including one at Cox’s Bazar, the main resort district
 of the country and which is home to nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Europe is The new Epicenter of CoronaVirus

Countries across the globe went on heightened virus alert on Friday, sealing borders and canceling cultural and sporting events in a frenzied bid to slow the ballooning pandemic.

Financial market endured a roller coaster ride after a week of spectacular losses triggered by fears the outbreak will lead to a worldwide economic recession.

The death toll jumped over 5000 on Friday as the total number of cases topped 135,000, according to a tally based on official sources.

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared that Europe was now the epicenter of COVID-19 describing the death toll as a tragic milestone.

The virus has also spread all over in Asia The health and immigration authorities of Pakistan at the Torkham the border has deported six Afghan nationals to their country after they were found to have symptoms of the coronavirus during scanning on Friday.
Officials said that the travel history of Afghan nationals showed that they had recently traveled to China, Officials reported that all Afghan nationals were immediately sent back to their country.

Can hot weather defeat corona

The biggest threat right now the the world is facing is Coronavirus, top officials, scientists, and professionals are conducting conclusive research to develop remedies to get rid of Coronavirus.
According to the research conducted by the top Chinese scientist, Coronavirus grows as the temperature drops. They are conducting exclusive experiments to know whether Corona can survive in a hot climate.
Scientists are of the opinion that Coronavirus is closely related to temperature. As the temperature increases, the Virus loses its strength, according to the latest research under reasonable weather conditions Corona can stay alive from 2 hours to 9 days. At 4-degree Celsius, the virus can stay alive for 28days.

Scientists are of the opinion that Corona grows and spreads in cold weather.
Today 175 people lose their life in Italy due to Coronavirus,200 North Korean soldiers died suffering from coronavirus, however, in China things are getting normal. A group of Chinese scientists has also traveled to the The USA meanwhile President Trump made a statement that America will fight with Corona Virus with all the resources available


About 2 million Uyghur Muslims have been detained in concentrations camps where they are forced to denounce Islam and adopt the Chinese communist party

Forced marriages-Muslims women of Uyghur are forced to marry Chinese Han atheists. If they try to refuse they or their family members are being sent to concentration camps.

Thousands of Muslim children of Uyghur including infants are sent to an orphanage running under the supervision of the Chinese government, where they are forced to adopt Chinese culture and raised up Non-Muslims.

During the Holy month of Ramadan Muslims are not allowed to fast and there were cases where Muslims were forced to break their fasts with wine which is strictly prohibited in Islam.

China is destroying historic Muslim graveyards where the generation of families have been laid to rest, leaving behind human bones and broken tombs in an attempt to eradicate the identity of Uyghur Muslims.These cemeteries are being converted to the playground and parking lots.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Youngest victim of Coronavirus


A newborn is believed to be the youngest victim in the United Kingdom to have caught Coronavirus.
North Middlesex University Hospital said two patients had tested positive for Coronavirus, the disease caused by the coronavirus which has killed more than 5000 people worldwide.
The mother had been taken to hospital in London days before the baby's birth with suspected pneumonia and doctors said her positive results were only known after the baby was born.
Doctors are trying to establish whether the baby was infected during birth or whether it caught the virus in the womb.
The deadly virus has already claimed 5000 lives and has been declared pandemic from WHO can survive in the air for 3 hours scientists have found.

According to  US government researchers, who worked with other experts other than surviving in the air, it was revealed that the infection can live on surfaces for up to 3 days.

Tests showed the virus can survive on copper for 4 hours, cardboard for an entire day and up to 72 hours on plastic and steel

Thursday, March 12, 2020



  1. Knowledge that is not implemented.
  2. An action that is empty of sincerity and is not based on the correct example.
  3. Wealth that is hoarded as the owner neither enjoys it during this life,nor obtains any reward for it in the hereafter.
  4. The heart that is empty of love and longings for Allah(SWT),and of seeking closeness to him.
  5. A body that does not obey and serve ALLAH(SWT).
  6. Loving ALLAH (SWT) without seeking his pleasure.
  7. Time that is not spent in expiating sins or seizing opportunities to perform deeds of righteousness that will bring one close to ALLAH(SWT).
  8.  A mind that think about issues that bring about no benefit.
  9. Serving those who neither bring you close to ALLAH(SWT) or benefit you in life.
  10. Hoping and fearing one who is under the authority of ALLAH (SWT) and whose forehead is in his hand while he cannot bring any benefit,harm,life,death or resuurection to himself.