The biggest threat right now the the world is facing is Coronavirus, top officials, scientists, and professionals are conducting conclusive research to develop remedies to get rid of Coronavirus.
According to the research conducted by the top Chinese scientist, Coronavirus grows as the temperature drops. They are conducting exclusive experiments to know whether Corona can survive in a hot climate.
Scientists are of the opinion that Coronavirus is closely related to temperature. As the temperature increases, the Virus loses its strength, according to the latest research under reasonable weather conditions Corona can stay alive from 2 hours to 9 days. At 4-degree Celsius, the virus can stay alive for 28days.

Scientists are of the opinion that Corona grows and spreads in cold weather.
Today 175 people lose their life in Italy due to Coronavirus,200 North Korean soldiers died suffering from coronavirus, however, in China things are getting normal. A group of Chinese scientists has also traveled to the The USA meanwhile President Trump made a statement that America will fight with Corona Virus with all the resources available