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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus in Bangladesh

 Coronavirus pandemic declared by the world health organization is such an infectious disease that it has affected the economy of the entire world according to the recent estimate more than100 Countries have been affected Bangladesh is also among such countries.
 To counter the catastrophe caused by coronavirus a massive coronavirus prayer
a session with ten of thousands of devotees sparked an outcry in Bangladesh on Wednesdays the Southasian nation reported 1st death from the global pandemic.

Local authorities funding police chief Tota Miah said some 10,000 Muslims gathered in
 an open field in Raipur town in southern Bangladesh to pray “HEALING VERSES” from
THE HOLY QURAN to rid the country of the deadly virus.

They held Khatm-e-Shifa prayer after Dawn to Free the country from the coronavirus
 Miah told that organizers claimed the number of worshippers was 25000.

Institute of epidemiology disease with other educational institutions is using all the available
resources to curb the effects of Coronavirus, the disease control and research has also
conducted several types of research to find a cure or vaccine in order to protect valuable lives
 from COVID19 however until now they have not reached a significant conclusion.
Meerjadi Sabrina flora director of control and research iedcr indicated that three more
people were diagnosed with COVID-19.

A senior leader from the ruling Awami League Obaidul Quader said a lockdown might be
required to contain the virus. If necessary Bangladesh will be shutdown. It will be enforced
where necessary.

The number of positive cases in the country of 168million. Epidemiology disease control
 reported that people stand at 14 although some medical experts fear not enough tests are
being conducted.
Police said they had to close 2 beaches including one at Cox’s Bazar, the main resort district
 of the country and which is home to nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.