Countries across the globe went on heightened virus alert on Friday, sealing borders and canceling cultural and sporting events in a frenzied bid to slow the ballooning pandemic.

Financial market endured a roller coaster ride after a week of spectacular losses triggered by fears the outbreak will lead to a worldwide economic recession.

The death toll jumped over 5000 on Friday as the total number of cases topped 135,000, according to a tally based on official sources.

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared that Europe was now the epicenter of COVID-19 describing the death toll as a tragic milestone.

The virus has also spread all over in Asia The health and immigration authorities of Pakistan at the Torkham the border has deported six Afghan nationals to their country after they were found to have symptoms of the coronavirus during scanning on Friday.
Officials said that the travel history of Afghan nationals showed that they had recently traveled to China, Officials reported that all Afghan nationals were immediately sent back to their country.