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Sunday, March 29, 2020


 Istanbul turkey, a great ally of Pakistan, came to the rescue, A hospital Turkey
gifted to Pakistan is assisting Pakistan in its battle against Coronavirus in the
remote areas of northeast Punjab province.
Pakistan is also affected by the dramatic impacts of the coronavirus.
The Pakistan army has issued an update on COVID-19 relief operations being
conducted in aid of civil administration across the country to ensure the
 implementation of safety measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

All points of entries being manned and monitored, the establishment of joint check
 post and joint patrolling with other law enforcement agencies are
conducted, ISPR reported on Saturday.

The ISPR further mentioned that in contact tracking and tracing of
 suspected coronavirus patients to isolate them is being carried out to curb the
 spread of highly contagious disease.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), army troops are assisting the civil administration
 for enforcement measures in various parts of Kotli, Bhimber, Mirpur, Barnala,
Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Kel, and Rawalakot.

Army troops are assisting in the management of Quarantine facilities. A total of 182
quarantine facilities have been established across the country.

In such difficult times, the Turkish government and Turkish leadership
 decided to help their Pakistani brothers.
The Recep Tayyip Erdogan hospital in Muzaffarabad district, some 380 km
from the provincial capital, Lahore has designated its newly-established 250-bed wing
 for suspected COVID-19 patients.

The hospital is among the 3 major facilities treating the coronavirus patients in the
 southern part of the province. It provides free healthcare facilities to
all patients irrespective of their background.

Currently, the hospital which began its operation in 2014 is treating 25
 patients tested positive for the virus, according to Dr. Ibn-e-Rasa an official
of Tayyip Erdogan Trust, which runs a chain of hospitals in the province.

Apart from one in Muzaffarabad, the trust is running five hospitals in Lahore
and 1 in Multan.

It is also handling the management of 2 major blood transfusion centers in 
Multan and Bahawalpur district under an agreement inked with the provincial
govt in April 2017.

The population of Turkey has also been affected by the virus according to the
reports 7000 suspected cases of coronavirus were reported even though Turkey
 decided to help Pakistan.

Most of the Analysts are of the opinion that TRUMP ERDOGAN should exchange
views over the impacts of coronavirus and should learn from each other's experiences.

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