Thursday, April 30, 2020

US warships will be destroyed Iran warned

US warships will be destroyed Iran warned

Iran breaking news: TrumpIran conflict is increasing as time passes. Iran will destroy US warships if it's security is threatened in the Gulf, the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard told state TV on Thursday a day after US President Donald Trump warned Tehran the capital of Iran over the harassment of US vessels.
US and Iran have always failed to settle their dispute.

I have ordered our Naval forces to destroy any American terrorist force in the Persian Gulf that threatens the security of Iran's Military or Non-military ship, MAJOR General said. Security of the Persian Gulf is part of Iran's strategic priorities.

Trump said on Wednesday he had instructed the US navy to fire on an Iranian ship that harasses it at sea but said later he was not changing the Military's rule of Engagement.

 Earlier this month the US military said 11 Revolutionary guards naval vessels from the guards navy came close to US navy and coast guard ships in the gulf calling the moves dangerous and Provocative.

Tehran blamed its longtime adversary for the incident. On Thursday Iran's foreign ministry summoned the  Swiss ambassador in Tehran, who represents US interest in the country over the recent tensions between Tehran and Washington.
Tensions between US and Iran have escalated since 2018 when Trump withdrew from Tehran's 2015 Nuclear deal with 6 powers and reimposed sanctions.

Bernie Sanders and Cardi B had a conversation on instagram

Bernie Sanders and Cardi B had a conversation on instagram
It was the political interview of the day, and it was between Senator Bernie Sanders and rap sensation Cardi B.
The outdated buddies tackled an extended record of subjects, together with President Donald Trump, the financial system, the coronavirus pandemic, former Vice President Joe Biden, throughout a chat on Instagram Reside.

The pair additionally delighted followers by evaluating manicures after Cardi flashed her disturbingly lengthy nails on the display screen.

Cardi B began by saying: “It’s exhausting to really feel good when so many individuals around you're going by means of sh–. Some individuals are utilizing the financial savings that they had plans for simply to reside. Plenty of pregnant ladies have to offer delivery to their youngsters without their child father, with no household, simply them.”

Sanders smiled and confirmed his fingernails and mentioned: “I’m good Cardihe; I would like you to check out my nails. How are they trying?”Cardi replied: “They’re trying very quarantine. I can inform you’ve been in quarantine fairly sometime now by your nails, however, what, it’s okay.”

She went on to admit that she was upset that Sanders dropped out of the presidential race and added: “I had a match as a result of I used to be so harm and upset that you simply dropped out of the race and every part. I maintain telling my individuals and my supporters that you simply guys actually need to go and vote. Now we’re between 45 [President Trump], we aren’t going to call him over right here, and Joe Biden. And me since I’ve been so on you and so targeted on you I haven’t carried out my analysis on Joe Biden.”
The femcee mentioned she would vote for Biden and added: “One factor is, because of the youth, they don’t actually rock with Joe Biden as a result of he’s conservative, however, I’m excited” that each President Obama and also you endorsed him.”

Sanders took on Trump by saying: “Donald Trump, in my thoughts, is essentially the most harmful president within the fashionable historical past of America, he's above the regulation. What I’m additionally making an attempt to do proper now playing cards is to work with Joe to see that he turns into a extra progressive candidate.”

Sanders mentioned Biden was transferring in the suitable route and added: “I'd go additional in all of those areas than he goes, however, he's transferring in the suitable route. He’s transferring the suitable route on immigration reform, and I feel you’ll be happy with what he has to remain. I feel you’ll be listening to him make some fairly sturdy statements on felony justice reform.”

One individual had this response to the interview: “Cardi B is doing the job of so many journalists. Shout out to her!
I bear in mind her saying the federal government was one among her favorite topics in class if I recall that’s why she loves politics a lot.”

One other commenter defined: “I like that many of those celebs have been utilizing their platform in instances like these Cardi be so blissful to talk on politics you'll be able to inform she loves it.”

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Coronavirus drained The American Indian frienship

Coronavirus drained The American Indian frienship

A piece of huge news coming straight from America which has caused distress in India. According to the latest update just after 3 weeks of friendship Donald Trump and Whitehouse both have unfollowed narendra modi, President of India, Indian Embassy, and all other Indian accounts on twitter today. Donald Trump and White house started following all these accounts after Trump's visit to India.

When PM of Imran khan visited the USA he was warmly welcomed in The White House by President Donald Trump, a high-level protocol was given to Imran khan in Washington DC which undoubtedly gave rise to a new level of friendship between America and Pakistan. However, at that time false propaganda was made by India and the Indian lobby they also repeatedly criticized Trump's meeting with Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan meets Trump at the world economic forum

Trump visited India a few weeks ago on the request of modi, the main reason was that India wanted to show the world that India and America share a deep bound however all their efforts went into vain when Donald Trump openly praised his relationship with Pakistan and his friendship with Imran Khan while addressing the Indian Public in a football ground. Because the American deep state and Donald Trump know that only Pakistan can help the American military to peaceful withdraw from Afghanistan and move back to their loved ones in America. Only Imran khan can put an end to this war which America has been fighting for the last 19 years by having a dialogue with the Taliban.

 Just recently Donald Trump threatened India over Hydrooxycholoroquine, which showed that India is losing its influence in The United States. Recently The US commission and International religious freedom have sent their recommendations to the American leadership to Blacklist India as modi the Indian prime minister is brutally killing the Indian Muslims and terrorizing other Indian minorities as well including the Indian Muslims of Kashmir which are under lockdown from last 9 months. The foreign media has reported that the Indian military is committing rapes of Muslim women in the Indian occupied Kashmir and lots of Muslim men have been killed on modi's order. As a result of which The United State has decided that they have to get rid of India and modi.



Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to Bill Gates, co-chair of the Invoice & Melinda Gates Foundation to debate the most recent developments surrounding the COVID-19 response.

Through the telephonic dialog held on Tuesday, the prime minister expressed appreciation for the help offered by the Gates Basis and different worldwide companions in the course of the unprecedented disaster and emphasized the continued urgency of the scenario, a press release issued by the PM Media Workplace right here on Wednesday stated.

He said that Pakistan was making all efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with a strong and coordinated response.

The prime minister emphasized that Pakistan was going through a twin problem of overcoming the pandemic and saving folks, notably essentially the weakest segments of the inhabitants, from starvation attributable to lockdown.

He underlined that the federal government had put collectively a $ eight billion bundle to help the affected folks and companies. The steps taken by the federal government had helped in containing the unfold of coronavirus in Pakistan. The prime minister’s name for “World Initiative on Debt Aid” for the creating nations was in an identical context.

Bill Gates talked about how COVID-19 was a menace the world over. He recommended Pakistan’s efforts in defending the lives and livelihoods of weak populations.


Prime Minister Imran Khan and Bill Gates additionally mentioned their shared precedence of polio eradication. They mentioned the vital function that Pakistan’s polio workers and infrastructure have been enjoying within the battle towards COVID-19.

The polio groups have been supporting the coaching of entrance line polio well-being employees on COVID-19 and utilizing contact tracing, testing and communications strategies to curb transmission.

Within the context of the pandemic, additionally, they mentioned that routine immunization programs for kids particularly polio vaccination couldn't be ignored, in addition to, the necessity for capability enhancement of the Nationwide Institute of Wellbeing.

Will the Former First Lady be the new Vice President of the United States of America

Will the Former First Lady be the new Vice President of the United States of America

Each former Vice President Joe Biden and his spouse, Jill Biden, have revealed who they want to have as VP, however, they extremely doubt that she would settle for the high-profile job regardless of being extremely certified for it.
This week, Jill Biden, spouse of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, took half in an interview and confessed that she is hoping that beloved former First Woman Michelle Obama would settle for the decision from thousands and thousands of Individuals to be her husband’s operating mate.
She said: “I’d like it if Michelle would conform to it. However you recognize, I feel she’s had it with politics. I don’t know. She’s so good at the whole lot she does. That might be great.”
Joe is concentrated on vetting a number of well-known girls, together with Kamala Harris, for the publish.

 President Trump threatens India

Jill, who's all in for a woman VP mentioned: “There are so many certified, robust women, and also you’ve seen them within the course of that we’ve gone by way of. So I’m going to depart that as much as him. I feel that Joe has all the time mentioned that he and Barack shared the identical values, and that’s what was so vital to him, and that’s why they bought alongside so properly. And I feel that’s what he’ll search for, a woman who will share the identical values as he does.”
Former first lady,Michelle Obama

Joe, who served as President Barack Obama’s VP for eight years, additionally sang the identical track and mentioned that he would choose Michelle as his vp “in a heartbeat” and went on to reward the previous lawyer from Illinois.
The Democrat said: “She’s good. She is aware of the way in which round. She is an extremely wonderful lady. The Obamas are nice associates. I don’t assume she has any need to dwell close to the White Home once more.”
The previous first woman has repeated time and again that she won't step again into politics by saying: “There’s zero probability,” she mentioned final fall. “There are such a lot of methods to enhance this nation and construct a greater world, and I maintain doing loads of them, from working with younger folks to serving to households lead more healthy lives. However sitting behind the desk within the Oval Workplace won't ever be one in all them. It’s simply not for me.” Commercial
Michelle is alleged to endorse Joe quickly and also will hit the digital marketing campaign path for him forward of the November election.

Monday, April 27, 2020

What happened in Persian Gulf between Iran and US,Donald Trump

The US navy complained of 11 Iranian Vessels carrying out dangerous and harassing approaches on a number of its ships on Aprill15. The US naval vessels were carrying out a joint venture with Apache Attack helicopters in the international waters of the Persian Gulf, Iranian vessels repeatedly crossed the bow and sterns of the US vessels at extremely close range and high speeds, including coming within 50 yards of the USS Lewis B.Puller and within 10 yards of the USCGC Maui's bow.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) carried out these maneuvers for around an hour, The US navy said before backing off to a more appropriate distance.

Apache attack helicopter

US forces have been carrying out joint operations in the area since late March. The statement said its commanding officers retained the right to act in self-defense but Donald Trump tweet adds more weight to the situation.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

US naval ships came face to face with Iranian Gunboats

Donald Trump instructs the USnavy to destroy Iranian gunboats if they harass our ship at sea.

US President Donald Trump has given the USnavy to shoot down and destroy Iranian vessels if they harass our ships at sea in a tweet.

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he has instructed the US navy to fire at an Iranian ship that harasses it at sea, a week after 11 vessels from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) came dangerously close to US ships in the Gulf.

"I have instructed the US navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea, Trump mentioned in his tweet hours after Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps said it had launched their country's first military satellite into the orbit. 

Tensions have been increasing in the Hormuz straits in recent times including the harassment of US naval ships.

On April 14 the Hongkong flagged SC TAIPEI was reportedly boarded while between Fujairah and the Iranian port of Bandar Jack.

The chemical tanker was in international waters when it was seized. It began heading towards the Iranian coast but was released fairly quickly and allowed to continue on its way.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

PM Imran khan on Kashmir

PM Imran Khan on Kashmir
PM Imran khan Of Pakistan on Wednesday hoped that the international community can now realize the suffering of Kashmiri as anti-lockdown protests sweep the globe amid coronavirus outbreak.

PM Imran in a tweer said, Demonstrations in various parts of the world are now going on against lockdowns during pandemic despite medical, financial, communication and food assistance.

Perhaps now the international community can understand the sufferings of Kashmiri people in the indian occupied Jammu and the suffer brutal oppression he said, calling on global power to initiate action against indian oppression in Kashmir.

Slamming the bhartiya janata party(BJP) led by the modi's government. He said they had ensured that Kashmiris remain in distress and deprived under an inhumane politico-military lockdown continuing for over 8 months now without any provision of medical, financial, communication, or food assistance.
Protest against modi in The United States

The Muslim majority region has been under a strict lockdown since New Delhi stripped it of its autonomy and statehood in August 2019. Authorities have denied thousands and introduced one of the world's longest-running internet shutdowns, only restoring limited 2g mobile internet in January.

Narendra modi "The modern-day warlord" and other members of his cabinet are running campaigns against Muslims across India, India which used to be a country of smart and diligent people has now been hijacked by the goons of rss and BJP. This Ideology killed the Great Mahatma Gandhi because the founding fathers of rss and BJP believed that  Gandhi was too kind towards Muslims.

This ideology is not only against Muslims but also against Christians, Jews, and the Hindus of the lower class. However, the educated class of the Indian society has been protesting against the brutal and inhumane policy of modi against Muslims.

Recently one of the cabinet members of modi's cabinet passed an adult comment about the Muslim women of Arabia which has been strictly criticized by the Arabian community including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and others remember Turkey and Malaysia has always raised their voice against the warlord narendra modi policies against Muslims in India.


Friday, April 24, 2020

The Bill,America

The bill,America
After what had happened in America due to coronavirus The Americans are of the opinion that all this misery is because of China, Even President Donald Trump claims that China created this virus as on several occasions he termed it as "Chinese virus".

According to the latest development, The American leadership has decided that the first time in history America is going to introduce a bill in congress. The draft suggests that once passed the bill will enable any American to sue China at any time they want. Until now six cases have been filed by The American state and local people claiming that China is responsible for all these damages and appropriate actions shall be taken against China and China shall compensate the loss caused due to coronavirus.

Never in history, any state has filed a case against another state. It is evident that once this bill is passed the America China relationships will turn from bad to worse which will ultimately divide the world into two big blocks at one side there will be China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran and on the other side there will be America, India and other allies. 

With this Bill, America will even be able to sue Chinese companies operating in America like Huawei and also the Chinese national ultimately this bill gives enough legal rights to the American leadership that they can even seize Chinese assets. However, retaliation is also expected from China as they are also planning to introduce a bill with similar features which will give the Chinese leadership the right to sue and seize American companies like Iphone if found guilty.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Bernie Sanders 2020

Bernie Sanders 2020
Bernie Sanders 2020

Born on September 8,, 1941, Bernie Sanders(78 years old) has been gaining more and more popularity after his decision to end Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign allowing Joe Biden (77 years of age) to compete against President Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders has always criticized the American health system. Recently speaking on social media Bernie sanders stated
"The current health care system is fatally flawed in that health cannot simply be an employee benefit. It must be right because what we are seeing in America right now is tens of millions of Americans lose their jobs they are also losing their employer-based health care. Short term what we have got to do right now is to make sure that all the Americans in the midst of this health care crisis have the health care they need without any out of the pocket expense. Long term as soon as this crisis end I believe that you are going to see more and more Americans coming on board demanding a Medicare for all single-payer program"

The policies made by Donald Trump have been repeatedly criticized however President Donal Trump always claimed that media is doing fake reporting. 

According to the American news, 16 million Americans have lost their job.

The US state of Missouri has sued China's leadership over the Coronavirus. Missouri is seeking damages over what it described as deliberate deception and insufficient action to Pandemic.
Tensions between America and China are increasing. Missouris Attorney states"The Chinese government lied to the world about the danger and contagious nature of COVID-19 and did little to stop the spread of the disease"  

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Are young people safe from Coronavirus Panademic?

Are young people safe from Coronavirus Panademic?
The Officers of the World Health Organisation have Warned that extra Young Persons are turning into Critically sick and Dying from the coronavirus that has now unfold to virtually Every nation internationally.

It was a Mistake to Imagine that the Virus solely severely impacts older individuals and people with underlying situations, claimed Dr. Mike Ryan, govt director of WHO’s Emergencies Program.
Speaking concerning the growing variety of younger individuals getting contaminated and dying of the pandemic, head of WHO’s rising ailments and zoonosis unit, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove mentioned: We're seeing an increasing number of Younger people who're experiencing extreme Illness, we have now seen some information from a number of nations throughout Europe the place individuals of youthful age have died.

A recent pandemic movie has been released on Netflix.

A lot stays unknown concerning the virus, together with why the illness Develops right into a Severe sickness in some people however Not others, Van Kerhove mentioned. She added that because the virus spreads to extra nations and extra medical information is collected, researchers are studying concerning the habits of the Virus.

Speaking about the vulnerability of older individuals to the virus, Van Kerhove added that the general public with extreme diseases in intensive care are typically older or have underlying situations. However what we're seeing in some nations is that there are people who're of their 30s, who're of their 40s, who're of their 50s who're in ICU and who've died.

We’ve tried to convince ourselves that this Illness is delicate in younger individuals and extra Extreme in older individuals, and that’s the real flaw.

The WHO has previously warned that the virus can infect younger individuals and, whereas it might be much less widespread, it may well additionally Develop right into an extreme and Life-threatening sickness.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner makeup
Kylie Jenner; Forbes previously dubbed Kylie Jenner as the world's youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 21 late last year, and the beauty mogul still has the title in the bag.

kylie jenner sister

With the newest report, it is estimated that Kylie's current net worth sits at around $1billion. In this new report , Forbes also noted that there are nine other Billionaires under 30 out of which, seven of whom are heirs with claims to other family fortunes.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Nigeria news

Nigeria Flag

Nigeria news Africa is also becoming a victim of the PANDEMIC CORONA VIRUS, The African health organization has shown deep concern over the ongoing situation, whereas Nigeria stated the president’s chief of employees had died. A complete of 52 of the continent’s 54 international locations have reported the coronavirus, with the general variety of circumstances surpassing 20,000 on Saturday. Nigeria’s authorities stated Abba Kyari, chief of employees to President Muhammadu Buhari, died Friday of COVID-19. “Could God settle for his soul,” the assertion stated. Kyari had been thought-about by some as Nigeria’s strongest authorities determine. A number of authorities ministers and a U.S. ambassador have been contaminated with the virus earlier in Burkina Faso. 


Kyari introduced his sickness final month, saying that “I've made my very own care preparations to keep away from additional burdening the general public well-being system, which faces so many pressures. He was criticized for not isolating upon his return to Nigeria and accused of infecting different high authorities officers. Nigeria at present has practically 500 circumstances of the virus. The World Well being Group on Friday famous a 51% enhance in circumstances in Africa and a 60% soar in deaths up to now week. However, the WHO chief warned that due to a scarcity of testing “it’s doubtless the true numbers are larger than reported.”The Africa CDC has stated more than 1 million test kits will probably be rolled out beginning subsequent week.

Friday, April 17, 2020


US economy
The current world monetary disaster has been extraordinarily painful for a lot of. On the danger of sounding overly pessimistic,  the current US economy disaster is simply scratching the floor of a lot bigger drawback. Trump economy is beneath a mountain of debt and the danger of large inflation appears unavoidable. The nation's monetary scenario is extraordinarily ominous given the truth that America has shifted from being a nation of producers to being a nation of shoppers.  Moreover, People's wealth is being expropriated at a rising fee to fund the particular curiosity of the rising Welfare/Warfare State. The present incentives inherent to our system recommend these tendencies will proceed. If the present path shouldn't be modified, it's not unreasonable to anticipate the consequence to be both a collapse of the financial system or an influence play to vastly improve within the scope of the presidency - or a mixture of each. Step one to saving America is to establish the scenario because it present is.  The motion was taken to 'stimulate financial restoration' is a sedative, not an answer.

The present nationwide debt is dwarfed by the obligations of America's unfunded liabilities, presently operating about $37 trillion. The present deficit coupled with the unfunded liabilities of massively unfunded entitlement applications leaves America within the gap over  $50 trillion
Nonetheless, the true image of complete authorities' obligations is perhaps distorted because of rosy accounting.  The GAAP-based deficit from the U.S. Treasury present that the entire federal obligations as of September 30, 2009, stood at a mind-numbing $70.7 trillion.

us economy

In response to the Budget, Protection operations for the 2010 fiscal 12 months are undertaking to be $755 billion - a mere $2.06 billion per day.  In the identical price range, the present administration tasks protection spending to reach $821 billion by 2015. This can be a pattern that's set to proceed for no less than the following decade.  The task protection will account for 15% of the federal spending in 2020.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Presidential race,Michelle Obama

"No American should have to choose between making their voice heard and staying safe. Expanding access to vote by mail, online voter registration and early voting are critical steps for this moment, they are also long overdue. There is nothing partisan about striving to live up to the promise of our country making the democracy we all cherish more accessible-and protectin our neighbors, friends and loved once as they participate in this cornerstone of American life."Michelle Obama former first lady

Obama ready to support Joe Biden
Presidential race,Michelle Obama
 Michelle Obama doesn't want Americans to risk their lives to participate in elections. When we all vote a nonpartisan voting initiative led by the former first lady, announced yesterday that it wants to make it easier for people to register to vote and casts ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. The group said in the statement that in order to do this, Americans need greater access to voting by mail, early in-person voting and online voting registration. Obama who is co-chair of the organization said on his social media account on Monday that these options aren't just critical steps for this moment.

She further stated that there is nothing partisan about striving to live up to the promise of United States of America, making the democracy we all cherish more accessible and protecting our neighbors.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Defeat Trump Joe Biden

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Joe Biden ready to defeat Trump
"I have had a chance to get to know Bernie over the years. We were in the Sebate together before Barack Obama and I took the office and of course, I had known him from his work in the House. What I liked about Bernie was that he said what he believed no matter who was in the room. I admired his passion. I liked his convictions. I thought people who failed to take him seriously would prove to be sorely mistaken. And as it turns out, I was right.

Senator Sanders endorsed our campaign today and I want to thank him not just for the endorsement but for his leadership on making America a more just fairer place. He does not get enough credit for being a voice that forces us all to take a hard look in the mirror and ask if we have done enough. Bernie Sanders has put the interest of the nation and the need to DEFEAT DONALD TRUMP above all else.I am excited to continue the work Bernie started in the months and year ahead as Bernie Sanders says not me, US.
And to Bernie supporters I make the same commitment, I see you I hear you and I understand the urgency of what is we have to get done in this country." Joe Biden

As the Presidential race is about to begin Former President Barack Obama plans to endorse his  Vice president ,Joe Biden for President of The United States giving the presumptive democratic Presidential Nominee a boost from the party's biggest fundraiser and one of it's most popular figures.

The move was confirmed by a person familiar with the situation who requested anonymity to discuss the plans.
Defeat Trump Joe Biden

Obama and Biden are known to be close friends from their term in the White House, and Biden leaned heavily on his affiliation with The former American President Barack Obama throughout the Democratic primary, touting their relationship and framing his pitch as an extension of Obama's presidency.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Quick guide of President Trump threatens India

Donald Trump
After the United States President Trump's retaliation threat India lifts restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine, Global media company Forbes reported.
Ina U-turn  India will allow limited exports of Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine that Donald Trump has claimed is a game-changer in the fight against coronavirus after the US President threaten India could face retaliation for restricting the drug's supply.

India banned the export of Hydroxychloroquine over the weekend as COVID-19 cases surged.

But the restrictions were lifted on Tuesday on the Anti-Malaria drug , paracetamol and 24 other drugs and ingredients after the scared Indian authorities confirmed that they have the stock available that they needed.

The move comes hours after Trump said India could face retaliation for its ban on hydroxychloroquine. India is one of the largest manufacturers of the drug.

Anurag Srivastava, a spokesman of India's foreign ministry, said"It has been decided that India would license Paracetamol and HCQ in appropriate quantities to all our neighboring countries who are dependent on our capabilities.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Acharya Chanakya

1)Before you start yourself three things:
Why am I doing it,what the result might be and will I be successful?
Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers these three questions go a head.

2)A successful man learn from the mistakes of others and he tries not to repeat the same mistake....he said:"You can't live long enough to make them yours"

3)Think hundred times before you start doing something but once you started something don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it.
People who work sincerely without overthinking are the happiest.

4)Never share your secrets with anyone,hide your plans from everyone,be unpredictable.

5)The fragrance of a flower spreads only in the direction of wind,but the goodness of the character of a person spreads in all direction.

6)No penance is reater than the one done for maintaining peace,No peace is better than the one received from satisfaction,No disease is more damaging than greed and no drama is better than the one having compression for all.

7)Avoid him who talks sweetly before you but tries to ruin you behind your back,for he is like a pitcher of poison with milk on top

8)Keep one thousand cubits away from an elephant,a hundred from a horse,ten from a horned beast but keep awau from the wicked by leaving the country

9)One must be satisfied with whatever he has as wife ,wealth and income but one must never get satisfied with the knowledge and acts of charity.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

From Russia with love

1st April 2k20 will be marked as a memorable
day in history as two Superpowers America
and Russia came together to counter the 
Deadly CoronaVirus.As the death toll rises in
America to 205,036 confirmed cases and 4516
deaths The UnitedStates President
Donald Trump made a call to Putin and
 TrumpPutin call worked out for America.
The biggest superpower in the world which
entered a Coldwar after
 the second Worldwar fought a war in
fought a war in 
 Afghanistan after 9/11 for 19 years and all
this resulted in a 
 UniPolar world.
After which the corporations,
IMF, UN, Security,Council, 
Amnesty International, US AID took overbut
now finally Nature has taken charge of the
entire world.

After the TrumpPutin call, a great
developmenthas occurred, 
Moscow Russia has announced to send aid to
America in the form of Ventilators, Masks,
Medicines, Doctors along
with other Paramedical staff 
however, the exact number was not quoted. The biggest Russian Military cargo 
aircraft AN-124 took off on Monday night
from a Russian military airbase outside
Moscow, which was full of medical supplies.
However, the interesting thing to note here is
what is written on the aircraft......The cargo
plane which took off fromRussia and carrying 
medical equipment for America has been
labeled with 
The US Russia relationship has suffered in
recent years by everything 
from Syria to Ukraine which brought the
countries at the Brink of war 
many times in the past. This is the first time in
history both America and Russia have come
this close for good.
Quoted from a reasonable source that
Moscow is also expecting medical help from
America if thetime comes. Donald Trump
has also appreciated this kindact of Russia
by saying ‘Russia sent us a very very large
planeload of things, medical equipment 
which was very nice.’
AN-124 Cargo plane,Russia

In a tweet by Russian foreign embassy 
“Following phone call between Presidents
Putin and Trump, 
Russia sent the largest cargo aircraft An-124
Russian with 
medical supplies (masks+equipment)to the
US to help fight 
COVID-19 pandemic and save the lives of
American citizens. 
The plane is en route#RussiaHelp”

However, it should be noted that Russia itself
is also badly affected by the dramatic effects
of Coronavirus COVID-19.
The number of CoronaVirus patients in Russia
rose to 2777 a one day increase of44o out
of which
24 people lost their lives in fighting with 
the pandemic however some medical
agencies are still not sure about
 the exact number of patients. 

Monday, April 6, 2020



Italy became a member of the European
Union on jan1,1999 and is one of the
founding members, along with Italy
there are other 27 states who are also a
part of
 the European Union.
Listed below
  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Latvia
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Lithuania
  6. Croatia
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Cyprus
  9. Malta
  10. Czechia
  11. Netherland
  12. Poland
  13. Germany
  14. Ireland
  15. Sweden
  16. Estonia
  17. Finland
  18. Romania
  19. Slovakia
  20. Denmark
  21. France
  22. Greece
  23. Spain
  24. Slovenia
  25. Hungary

Out of the many objectives stated in the
charter one objective of the European
Union was to ensure stable 
growth, free movement of citizens without
passports. The countries who raised the
European flag together agreed
 that they will help each other in
difficult times.
On January 29 first case of coronavirus
was detected and isolated in Italy, soon
after the news was made public 
all the European Union states including others
as well sealed their border with Italy, these
states include France, Slovenia, Austria,
Switzerland, Germany. The policy was
clear that no Italian should be allowed to 
enter the country, the European charter
and the policies and joint agreement were
abolished and Italians  were left to die alone.
Italy has the highest number of deaths from
COVID-19 and the number rose to 15,887. The coronavirus has also badly affected the
economy of Italy, the Italian government 
has pledged 28$billion dollars to ease
the sufferings of their citizens, however,
some economists are of the opinion that 
 Italy might need a bailout package to cope
with the economic crisis.
After all, what happened the top Italian
leadership has
 decided that as soon as this curse of
coronavirus endsItaly will withdraw from the
European Union as no one 
came for their rescue and sealed their borders. 
Italian people are forced to ask themselves
what is European union?”.They are of the
opinion that if they would have asked for
help from Putin earlier, the rate of
 destruction would be much lower.

After successful Trump Putin negotiations,
Russia decided to help America in the
same way Putin also decided to help Italy
after a call with the Italian Prime 
minister. Immediately after the call hundreds
and thousands 
of masks, medical kits, paramedical staff,
and other aid 
were immediately dispatched to the epicenter
of pandemic.

Many analysts are of the opinion that this aid
will help Russia to develop cordial relations
with Italy and will help
 them to exercise greater influence.
The aid was welcomed Giuseppe Conte’s
with Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio who
thanked Putin  for helping them in such a
difficult time.