Monday, June 29, 2020

Russian military officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill American soldiers

Russian military officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill American soldiers

Intelligence officials in Europe have confirmed that Russian officials put bounties on American and British troops serving in Afghanistan. Its an extraordinary but also complex story here according to the European intelligence officials has confirmed that Russian Military Intelligence officials offered money to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan to Amerian or other coalition forces, soldiers. 

Russian military officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill American soldiers

 However, the Russian embassy in Washington has denied the claim and has said that it is not true and has used #blameRussia to dismiss the Initial report that emerged after this story. 

Russian military officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill American soldiers

The Taliban has also denied the blame calling it a fake story, the Taliban has claimed that they have nothing to do with this story and are serious about the peace talks. Sources have reported that the Taliban are of the opinion that they don't need foreigners to tell them how to conduct military operations. 

Russian military officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill American soldiers

European military intelligence official claims that a specific part of Russian military intelligence supposed to be known as 299155 another unit which was also accused of being behind the poisoning in the United Kingdom in 2018. This offer of money had in fact resulted in casualties in the coalition however European Intelligence officials were not clear about the Nationality, the date, the number, or nature but it does show that this offer didn't does disappear as an idea it cause something very real to happen. The Whitehouse itself in it its statement has not come forward and denied these reports about the intelligence. However Whitehouse instead of confronting Russia is discussing whether Donald Trump was briefed about it or not, this new development has complicated matters in Afghanistan that war continues America's longest. Donald Trump is very keen to get out of Afghanistan.

Russian military officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill American soldiers

It is also clear that British troops were also targeted however no official statement has been made from the 10 downing street.
Joe Biden has also slammed President Donald Trump on this recent Russia report, he said" Not only he has failed to sanction or impose any kind of consequence on Russia with this aggressive violation of international law, but Donald Trump has also continued to his embarrassing campaign of debasing himself before Vladimir Putin. He had had this information according to the times and yet he offered to host Puttin in the United States and sought to invite Russia to rejoin G7, his entire presence has been a gift to Putin it's betrayal and most sacred duty we bear as a nation to protect and equip the troop we set them in harm's way"


Fifth-generation Chinese war machine

China ready to attack India

India wants the United States to counter the dragon

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

Stop the Yemen famine

 The situation in Yemen is catastrophic. Yemen is in the midst of the world's worst humanitarian crisis. For nearly six years the poorest country in the region has been locked in a war that killed  100,000 people pushed millions to the brink of starvation and caused the biggest cholera outbreak in history. 

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

On one side there are the Houthis, Shia rebel movement supported by Iran and on the other, there is the government of former President supported by Saudia Arabia. In 2014 the Houthis capitalized on the weakened government and took control of major cities in the North fearing Iranian influence so close to its borders Saudia Arabia formed a coalition with other countries that have since launched an indiscriminate bombing campaign in the Houthi control territory targeting schools, hospitals, and markets.

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

According to WHO the coronavirus could affect up to 55percent of Yemen's population and kill up to (GOD forbid) 42000 people. The country is also under a Saudi blockade, most of the doctors and nurses in Yemen don't even have access to the equipment they are trained to use. Health care workers in Yemen are exceptionally vulnerable, there is a fear of people going outside but due to to the economic meltdown the people in Yemen can't afford to just stay at home especially when there are no payrolls and there are no stable sources of income so they have money to eat. 

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

In Yemen the name of the game is containment, the UnitedNation said it could be more deadly and spread more rapidly than anywhere else in the world. In Yemen because of the conflict, there is a limited amount of people coming in and outside of the country. Yemen hs two land ports one is via Oman and the other is via Saudi Arabia and It has two main airports.

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

 Yemen may be a warzone but it still stops migrants smuggled from Africa on their way to wealthier countries. There are less than 40 isolation centers in all Yemen but with half of the population expected to be infected that likely won't be enough and the authorities are already overwhelmed.

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

 As the Houthis in the form of government battle for control Yeman remains fragmented a nationwide response of the virus is impossible and there is no single body to track all the cases. Houthi leadership has even downplayed the virus they claim that America has been planning for years to benefit from the coronavirus. The rebels control the most populated areas and yet has reported the lowest infection figures, Some activist believes that they are deliberately under-reporting the cases. Some sources are saying that the reason why they have not responded to the coronavirus because it threatens them economically and so therefore also threatens their control, but on the other side lots of people could contract coronavirus and lots of people could die. Even in such a horrific situation, Houthis and Saudis show no sign of seize fire.

5 Beautiful Hadiths About Yemen


"had it not be for the migration to Madina, I would have been from the people of Yemen!" Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


"Calmness is found among the owner of sheep. Faith is Yemeni, and wisdom is also Yemen." Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


"Whosoever loves the people of Yemen, certainly he has loved me, and whosoever angers this, certainly has angered me."Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

"Verily Allah has commanded you to make the pilgrimage of Hajj to this House, so make your Hajj to it and those who perform the Hajj respond to him until the  day of judgment; and those were the first to respond were the people of Yemen."Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

"When people would come from Yemen, the Prophet would say, "Welcome to the group of Prophet Shu'ayb and clerics of Prophet Musa! A soft-hearted community, their hearts firmly established with their faith."Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

How to Help the People of Yemen?

Millions of people in Yemen are suffering from malnutrition.
Here is what we can do 
  1.  The free rice app A free multiple-choice quiz game that through ads, donates 10 grains of rice to people in need via the UN's World food program for every right answer you get.
  2. The share the meal app, it costs $0.5 to feed one child for a day. Here you can donate to different countries suffering from malnutrition, including Yemen via the UN's World food program.

  3. Sign the following petitions (
    stop the flow of weapon to Yemen)     (
    Compassion and action for Yemen crises refugees), ( stop the war and end famine in Yemen), (save Yemen from extinction)
  4.  If you can donate to save the children, Islamic relief, UNICEF

    According to UNICEF, more than 24 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance and the humanitarian crisis is considered to be the largest one in the world. Despite the conflict going on there has been little media coverage on it.
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Saturday, June 27, 2020

India wants United States to counter the dragon

Indian Media states that the US is looking forward to deploy its military to counter the threat from China. US military is stationed in more than 150 countries and the soldiers have their eye on the Chinese troops. The American military is the strongest fighting force in the world. The presence of US defense forces expands beyond the borders of America nearly 200,000 active personnel are on the duty outside the United States.

 The US military is on every continent on the planet and they are backed up by a global network of military installations. The United States still remains the largest operator of military bases abroad. According to the report of 2015  US maintains 800 military bases in more than seventy countries in comparison countries like Britain, France and Russia have around 30 bases combined. 

But what is of interest to India is the Asia-Pacific command, the Asia Pacific command is the combined armed force unit of the United States. It is one of the oldest commands that specifically deals with the Indo-Pacific. Asia-Pacific command is has been busy with China to step up its military activity, America to step up its patrolling in the region. This month 3 American warships patrol in the water close to China.  Three warships are accompanied by the American navy cruisers, Aircraft, fighter jets, and destroyers. 

United States Pacific Command

In the most recent conflict with China at least 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives who were beaten up with nail-studded batons, rock, and rods covered in barbed wire. According to the most recent satellite images China regained at least 32000 sqkm from India in Just one month.
The people Liberation army states "The sovereignty over the Galwan Valley area has always belonged to China." 

The tensions are running high between the two nuclear-armed forces in response to the increased Chinese choppers, aircraft and strategic bomber presence in the area, the Indian military has decided to move the most recent air defense system in the area. Analysts report that these air defense systems can easily be blocked by China as it has already installed 5g in the regained territory.

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Jews want to complete the project greater Israel before the arrival of antiChrist

China is ready to lock horns with India

Coronavirus in USA

Friday, June 26, 2020

The USA just saw a record new coronavirus cases in a single day

The USA just saw a record new coronavirus cases in a single day
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The US just saw a record number of coronavirus cases in a single day 45,557 diagnoses reported. Wednesday's cases top the previous highest daily count from April 26 which was during the first peak of the Pandemic in the USA. The record surpasses the April record by more than 9000 cases. In the North East, there has been a steep decline in the cases since the region was an epicenter of the coronavirus infection. Newyork, NewJersey, and Connecticut now plan to quarantine visitors from hotspots for two weeks.

can hot weather defeat coronavirus

States struggling with New coronavirus infection include California, Oklahoma, and Arizona. 29 US states are seeing a spike in Coronavirus cases. 

According to the recent report, an increasing number of new cases include young people who were previously thought to be at lesser risk. According to the governor of Florida, 60 percent of the new coronavirus cases are under the age of 45. According to him, some younger people have let down their guard. Many bars in Tampa have shut down after the staff tested positive. Texas governor has shown up a graph showing a sharp rise in hospitalization ie: 3200 per day.

In Arizona, People stood in line several kms long to get tested the stated recorded more than three thousand new cases over the weekend bringing Arizona's total confirmed cases to are than 50000. President Donald Trump reportedly was furious when hi Oklahoma rally on Saturday flopped with a much smaller crowd than anticipated. Trump plans another campaign in Pheonix Arizona on Tuesday. 


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Rising tensions between India and China 

Jews want to complete the project greater Israel before the arrival of antiChrist 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

China vs India latest update

China is conducting live-fire military drills along its border in the Tibetan plains along the border with India and therefore India is bolstering its military presence in the area. Tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors are at all-time high right now. Indian and Chinese troops clashed at 4267 meters above sea level in the contested Galwan Valley along what is referred to as the Line of actual control (LAC) on the disputed Himalayan border. 20 Indian troops along with a high-rank officer were reported to be killed with nail-studded batons, rock, and rods covered in barbed wire, not even a single bullet was fired. The two sides don't carry firearms and explosives according to the 1996 agreement to avoid large scale escalation in the disputed zones but even that didn't seem to work. Details on the Chinese casualties are not known but the Indian Media reported at least 40 deaths which were dismissed by Chinese authority as fake news.

India and China have had simmering border disputes that both sides were able to manage for 40 years. 
This is why the Chinese navy is stronger than the US navy

So what suddenly led to this deadly combat?

Fighting was reportedly triggered by a row of two tent and observation towers built by china that India claims were on its side of the LAC despite a recent agreement against it. Indian officials, it was these structures that its troops have dismantled when encountering the Chinese forces and before a  bawl ensued but China accuses Indian troops of provocation. According to the Chinese minister, the situation got worse when Indian troops crossed the line who deliberately provoked and attacked the Chinese soldiers who were there to negotiate with them. Scuffles between Indian and Chinese troops also broke out in May at Pangong Tso in the same region the observers say were triggered over India's construction of roads and airstrips in Ladakh one of these roads is near Galway valley a remote and Inhospitable area considered strategic as it leads to the disputed Aksai China which is claimed by India and administered by China. The western theater command of the PLA says "The sovereignty over the Galwan Valley area has always belonged to China." 

 But for India Galwan is a resolved issue it never featured in the list of 23 contested areas identified by the Indian government since it first accepted the LAC in 1993. Indian Pm Modi has appeared to downplay the clash and has denied assertions that any INDIAN territory had been lost. 

China has since returned 10 Indian troops that were detained during the Clashes though both sides have avoided having any further escalation along the border anti-China sentiment is on a rise in India. Indian nationalist media, outlets, and traders are calling to a boycott of the Chinese product and a halt in the Bilateral trade. But critics are of the opinion that cutting ties with China or any sort of trade war will end up hurting the Indian economy more.  

Israel wants to complete project greater Israel before the arrival of antiChrist

China is ready to defeat India