Thursday, June 4, 2020

Are Jews responsible for the recent riots in USA?

Are Jews responsible for the recent riots in USA?
Some analysts are of the opinion that the recent ongoing crisis in the US is backed by the Israeli jews. Since they always wanted to create a setup of one-world government that cannot be done until the US is a superpower. Analysts are of the opinion that crisis in the USA was planned by Israel. A similar thing was done in the middle east famously known as the Arab spring which devasted the economy of Yemen, Syria, Egypt. The aim is to use the people against the state the same strategy was applied in Yemen and Syria.

Israel aims to become the next superpower before the arrival of the Messiah. Recently the Israeli health minister said that they are waiting for the Messiah who will also bring the cure of Coronavirus. To become a superpower Israel aims to collapse the American economy. On one side Israel claims to be the biggest ally of America but on the other hand, Israel has given its two important ports to China and has become a part of one belt one road initiative. 

The recent statement made by the Israeli  Rabbi shows his hate towards America.
He said that according to our belief what is happening in America and other parts of the world was meant to be done before the arrival of Messiah he further asked all the jews living in America to return back to Israel as according to him America will never be able to recover from this civil war and America will break into different states and will no longer be a super power.

According to Jews Messiah(anti-Christ) will only arrive when all the Jews living in different parts of the world  gather in one place under one flag and therefore Israel is insiting them to return home by using different tactics.

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