Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Expanding Chinese navy

Expanding Chinese navy

China's new navy started off as a coastal defense force protecting its shores which has rapidly become a massive group of Integrated fleets capable of reaching further and further out as China becomes a global military power. But China insisted that it is not interested in using this power to dominate the region.
According to the recent government report, the navy is only there to defend itself and its interest and will never try to seek hegemony, expansion, and spheres of influence. 
So what is China's rapid naval expansion mean for its neighbors?

Here is what Cina sees when it looks outside its borders, Chinese subs are a potential target the Indo-pacific region is becoming increasingly volatile as China, India, Pakistan, US, and other jockeys for control. 

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To stay on top China has dredged ISLANDS in the South China sea for new military bases expended its Marine corps to 20000 troops to 100000 and introduced a whole host of new military technologies to its naval arsenal. As China's economy has grown it has used its wealth to secure strategic locations for any future use of its navy money has been poured into the ports across the Indian ocean in order to secure access right and it is not just money but it's also about resources. China's large coastguard fleets are supplemented by maritime militias posing as fishermen but answering directly to the military. They have harassed Vietnamese and Filipino fishing fleets in an effort to control resource-rich regions like the South China sea and some regional regions have already accepted China's economic dominance. 
China's naval forces now operate on a two-track path, on the one hand, its militias and coastguards are dominating vital regions intimidating the vessels of other countries in order to establish control. On the other, the size and power of the navy itself are stopping China's neighbors from pushing back against this low-level harassment. China's navy running joint exercise with Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and South Africa all this has made China's neighbors increasingly fearful of the giant in their midst. In response to the large fire drill near Taiwan, US has recently rushed through a large arms sale to the Taiwanese Government and after seeing China's hypersonic missile Japan has started improving its own Missile defense system.

China is ready to defeat India


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