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Saturday, June 13, 2020

India loses to Nepal aswell after its defeat from China

India loses to Nepal aswell after its defeat from China

In an unprecedented Incident, at least 1 Indian has been killed and at least 2 Indians are injured in a firing by the Nepal border forces. The Indian media states that the Nepal birder forces targeted farmers in the area of Sitamarhi in the Indian state of Bihar. The incident came as a result of Increased tensions between Delhi and Kathmandu over the new map in which Nepal is showing the Indian territory as its own. The injured were shifted immediately to the hospital. Since the independence of 1947, there have been no such incidents between India and Nepal, the Nepal border forces reported that the Indians illegally tried to cross the India Nepal Border but what the India side is saying that there was sett off Indian farmers who were there when suddenly the Nepalese side started rounds and at least one Indian was severely injured at died at the spot. Moreover one Indian national was taken by the Nepal border forces. The Nepalese parliament is all set to vote on the New Nepal map which shows the three Indian territories as their own territory this is something which has exacerbated the diplomatic tensions between India and Nepal. By in large the Indian government is saying that it is up to the Nepalese government to make a positive atmosphere so that the talks could happen however India is no mood to start a confrontation with Nepal as they know that they event do not have the skills to counter Nepal army. But the killing of Indian national will put more stress on the already strained relationship between India and Nepal so far there hasn't been any reaction by the Indian ministry of external affairs nor from the defense ministry, however, the Indian public has the right to ask its PM that what will be India's reaction. Since after shameful defeat and loss of land to China the Indian prime minister modi has disappeared from the media and public gatherings.

China has recently regained control of its land in Ladakh. According to the recent reports China has started building roads and other infrastructure in that area however Indian government is continuously lying to its public that China has not crossed LAC. The reality is that China has not even crossed LAC it has also regained 32000 sqkm area in Ladakh. China never considered LAC, according to them these lines were drawn in the tie of East India company which has no importance now.

 After China, the Indian media is lashing Nepal as well since the Indian armed forces can't do anything except making false and baseless claims. Indian media states that this incident happened when the Nepalese PrimeMinister himself is facing backlash from his public because of his handling of COVID-19. According to Indian Media, there is lots of corruption in Nepal and lots of protest are already happening there.


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