Tuesday, June 9, 2020

India Planning a war with Pakistan,India vs Pakistan

India Planning a war with Pakistan,India vs Pakistan
Pakistan Airforce jets are combat air Patrolling over Karachi and international borders after a formation of Indian airforce jets were seen close to the Pakistani border.
After getting defeated by China the Indian government is trying to divert the attention of its citizens and planning an attack on Pakistan. Last month China entered the area which was under the control of India with 7000 soldiers. China has built bunkers in the area and is planning to move forward. The Indian and Chinese military officials met 10 times however no conclusion could be drawn. President XI has also conveyed to his army that is prepared for a war with India.

President Trump also tried to mediate between two nuclear-powered countries however China made it clear that it is an internal dispute and China does not need any mediation from the USA.
The Indian public is asking its government that why they are not fighting against China so to divert the attention Indian Government is planning to start a war with Pakistan
In an unabated ceasefire violation, Indian troops today  Resorted to unprovoked Fire at a Civilian population along the Line of Control, Leaving 4 civilians – 2 women and 2 children – critically injured.

Indian Army troops initiated an unprovoked ceasefire violation in Jandrot Sector along LOC targeting the civilian population. Due to Indian troops' indiscriminate fire in Dera Sher Khan, Sandhara & Bamroch villages, 4 innocent civilians incl 2 women & 2 children critically injured, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a tweet.

The Pakistan  Army soldiers Retaliated Effectively to the Cross Border Fire and shifted the injured to a nearby Healthcare Facility.
Two Indian jets su-30 and Mirage intruded the Pakistani territory on 27 th February 2019 which were shot down by the Pakistani Airforce PAF. One pilot was captured which was later released by the Pakistani Prime Minister to maintain peace and harmony between India and Pakistan. PAF further claimed that they have locked 9 Indian jets out of which only two were shot down because they never wanted to escalate the tensions.

China ready for a war 

USA exploding from inside

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