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Saturday, June 27, 2020

India wants United States to counter the dragon

Indian Media states that the US is looking forward to deploy its military to counter the threat from China. US military is stationed in more than 150 countries and the soldiers have their eye on the Chinese troops. The American military is the strongest fighting force in the world. The presence of US defense forces expands beyond the borders of America nearly 200,000 active personnel are on the duty outside the United States.

 The US military is on every continent on the planet and they are backed up by a global network of military installations. The United States still remains the largest operator of military bases abroad. According to the report of 2015  US maintains 800 military bases in more than seventy countries in comparison countries like Britain, France and Russia have around 30 bases combined. 

But what is of interest to India is the Asia-Pacific command, the Asia Pacific command is the combined armed force unit of the United States. It is one of the oldest commands that specifically deals with the Indo-Pacific. Asia-Pacific command is has been busy with China to step up its military activity, America to step up its patrolling in the region. This month 3 American warships patrol in the water close to China.  Three warships are accompanied by the American navy cruisers, Aircraft, fighter jets, and destroyers. 

United States Pacific Command

In the most recent conflict with China at least 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives who were beaten up with nail-studded batons, rock, and rods covered in barbed wire. According to the most recent satellite images China regained at least 32000 sqkm from India in Just one month.
The people Liberation army states "The sovereignty over the Galwan Valley area has always belonged to China." 

The tensions are running high between the two nuclear-armed forces in response to the increased Chinese choppers, aircraft and strategic bomber presence in the area, the Indian military has decided to move the most recent air defense system in the area. Analysts report that these air defense systems can easily be blocked by China as it has already installed 5g in the regained territory.

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