Friday, June 12, 2020

Indian Meida continues to Humililate China

Indian Media analysts state that "the quality of  Chinese tanks and tankmen ship has been a question mark for the last few years that manufacturing is not so good and we saw the boogie wheels coming out in the Russian tankathon". India media stated that the Chinese army fled and left their post when rebels attacked them in fact the Indians saved them in zuba in South Sudan. Indian analysts claimed that in 2015 in zuba where the Chinese troops were deployed as a UN peacekeeper and they were supposed to protect the aid workers there but unfortunately when the rebels attack that place the Chinese troops didn't come out.   India today says that the Chinese army does not belong to the country but the communist Party of China and their soldiers lack not only combat experience but also high altitude fighting experience. Indian analysts state that the Chinese army asked for oxygen and airconditioning when on high altitude. According to India, the Chinese soldiers are not keen on fighting, the last the Chinese army was seen in action was in Vietnam 1979 where they lost to the battle-hardened Vietnamese army. However, after receiving a shameful defeat from china and losing territory India has nothing to say or do expect making baseless claims against China.
PM modi's foreign policy is full of contradictions with China India has trade deficit of 60 billion dollars or China has a trade surplus with India of 60 billion Dollars. Indian media is provoking its public to discourage Chinese products and stop using Chinese equipment. Indian's believes that China has kicked the in shins. Indian analyst said "the country we fear and get all kinds of concessions to and got nothing in return they continued to be the great allies of Pakistan".  

shocking image shows how Indian soldiers are beaten and tied up by Chinese army  
Two Russian Fighter Jets Intercepted US P-8A poseidon  


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