Monday, June 22, 2020

Jews wants to complete project greater Israel before the arrival of King David

Benjamin's Netanyahu's plan has already been delayed it was told to slow down by the Whitehouse after the unveiling of the trump Plan in January now it has become complicated because of his difference with the former rival Gantz. He called for coordination not just with the US but also with Arab neighbors. The Trump plan envisages Israel annexing 30 percent of the west bank with the future Palestinian state given Israeli territory elsewhere.

Israeli officials have leaked various options in the media one is, to begin with, some or all of the major illegal settlement blocks. Ariel, Maale Adumim, Etzion Bloc. Mayor of Efrat argues for moving quickly and taking what's been put on the table by The US administration.

A second option though fought with risk to Jordan's opposition to any annexation would be, begin with, the Jordan valley. Israel says it needs to define and the defensible eastern border here, but it has economic interest too 11000 Israeli settlers live in the illegal Jordan valley settlements using disproportionate water allegations. 85 percent of the land is off-limits to Palestinians.

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Perhaps the least likely option of all the one still floated in the Netanyahu's friendly newspaper would be to start so-called enclave settlements. These will be small, these would be small Israeli islands within the Trump's plan of the Palestinian state. Palestinian leadership claims that any annexation is illegal.

Palestine Prime minister said, " Israel should not continue to be above International law, what we hope that really Israel should feel the heat of International pressure."

UAE has also condemned this annexation along with Qatar and Jordan. Tensions in Arab street is increasing as Israel is putting pressure to annex the territory.

Israel is waiting for the arrival of antiChrist, according to the specific Jewish calendar, the Messiah(antiChrist) will arrive soon. Even Israel's health minister said that Messiah will bring the cure of COVID-19.

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