Saturday, June 6, 2020

Negotiaitions failed Between Indian and Chinese army, China is ready for a war

Now tensions have been rising between India and China number of skirmishes have taken place between the opposing troops over the last month now reports of an increased in troops numbers on both sides are fueling fears of a bigger conflict between two nuclear-armed neighbors. Talks were held between Indian and Chinese military commanders today which badly failed. The Indian side was humiliated by the Chinese as the Indian Military commander was forced to wait for 90 minutes before the talks started, the meeting continued for 5 to 6 hours but in the end, China refused to leave a single inch of land. The Chinese side also conveyed to the Indian Military commander that they need to curb the false accusation made by Indian media.

 In 1962 the two nations fought a war on the same issue but it failed to resolve the problem. In the decades since that conflict, there have several standoffs between India and China. One of the longest and most serious was in 2017 when two sides confronted each other for 73 days. After Indian troops blocked construction of a road by China. The Indian and Chinese Leadership met in 2018 to settle the dispute however they made no progress in settling the dispute. Recent Sattelite image published on twitter by Australian journalist suggested that both sides are increasing their military presence in the area and this is causing concern and another more serious confrontation could be looming. However, Indians are coming together to try to clamp down trade ties with China, for example, remove china app became very popular in India in the last two weeks. Because Indians were trying to remove all Chinese apps from their however Indians, unfortunately, couldn't realize that most of their phones are made in China some Indian celebrities are also chanting that stop buying Chinese. 10 ROUNDS of military talks have already been made between China and India however it had not led to any positive result. Since India is in a weaker position and its military has already losen its morale, Indian soldiers are holding placards requesting China to go back so decides to request China to hold such talks and has also requested China to withdraw troops however China has not accepted any of the Indian demands yet.

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