Tuesday, June 2, 2020

PLA's might

Tensions are flaring up along the Himalayan border between China and India. The trouble is along the disputed Line of Actual control dividing the nations. 2100 miles borders are shared between India and China with overlapping territorial claims. The latest row is triggered by India's illegal infrastructure activities along the border. India has been improving roads its military uses to cross the mountain passes. Beijing is concerned as the region is closed to China's sensitive Tibet and Xinjiang regions. In May, 250 Chinese and Indian soldiers have thrown stones and punches at each other at the border the clash was followed by one of the biggest borders build up in the recent years. It is considered the most serious faceoff in the area since a 72-day faceoff in 2017. 

Political Analysts in India say that India is not in a mood to start a war however Beijing is in full swing as President XI  recently asked his military to be prepared for a war with India. China has deployed more than 7000 troops in the region and has been building bunkers including an airbase in Ladakh. According to sources China also violated India's airspace by sending in Fighter jets however on the other hand an Indian ex-military journal wrote that china has already captured 60kms of Indian territory within a month.

The Chinese ministry of foreign affairs stated that China and India have opened diplomatic and military channels on border issues. China believes that the two countries can settle the dispute through negotiation. China has also warned India that Life USA and China come face to face India will stay neutral and if India dares to create hurdles for China then India will face consequences. China also detained 1500 Indian soldiers which were later released on the request of India. Indian soldiers are so scared of the Chinese army that they are holding placards requesting China to go back.

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