Thursday, June 18, 2020

China is ready to lock horns with India

China is ready to lock horns with India

Tensions are running high between India and China after a deadly clash along their contested border. Indian authorities say that 20 soldiers are killed in the clash with Chinese troops. China and India have agreed to deescalate the situation at their border as soon as possible. Indian analysts say that the situation in China and India can not be compared they claimed that China controls information however Inia is not in a position tho control the information so there is going to be democratic pressure on the Indian government to make a reply ver very strongly. They further said that the dynamics of the SINO-INDIAN relationships have changed after the killing of the Indian soldiers. Soldiers on the two sides fought each other with nail stubbed clubs and stones on their Himalayan border.

As well as the border issues os concerned the economic relationship with China cannot continue as usual. The total trade between China and India is to the tune of USD 85 billion with China being one of the largest trading partners. Indian authorities are threatening China that they will cut down the trade ties with. Today in few cities of India locals burnt down Chinese television sets. The Chines PLA said that the Indian troops have seriously violated agreements and protocols on the border issues. Hundreds of Chinese and Indian troops have been locked on in a standoff since May 2020. India and China are unable to settle the dispute along their lengthy border as each side accuses the other of trespassing.

No guns have been fired between the troops of the two countries. A war between China and India would be detrimental to both the countries. Chinese says that before the British occupied the Indian subcontinent India was a crust of different states and when the British Indian Empire was at the peak it kept encroaching in China's Tibet region and according to Chinese this the major reason for the border dispute since the British left.  Chinese professor said, " The British carved out the McMahon line which successive Chinese government has never recognized and as of today it is true that there is a border dispute between India and China and India want to use the British line of demarcation between China and India and China throughout the ages or through several successive Chinese governments have never recognized the legality of McMahon line".

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