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Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

Stop the Yemen famine

 The situation in Yemen is catastrophic. Yemen is in the midst of the world's worst humanitarian crisis. For nearly six years the poorest country in the region has been locked in a war that killed  100,000 people pushed millions to the brink of starvation and caused the biggest cholera outbreak in history. 

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

On one side there are the Houthis, Shia rebel movement supported by Iran and on the other, there is the government of former President supported by Saudia Arabia. In 2014 the Houthis capitalized on the weakened government and took control of major cities in the North fearing Iranian influence so close to its borders Saudia Arabia formed a coalition with other countries that have since launched an indiscriminate bombing campaign in the Houthi control territory targeting schools, hospitals, and markets.

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

According to WHO the coronavirus could affect up to 55percent of Yemen's population and kill up to (GOD forbid) 42000 people. The country is also under a Saudi blockade, most of the doctors and nurses in Yemen don't even have access to the equipment they are trained to use. Health care workers in Yemen are exceptionally vulnerable, there is a fear of people going outside but due to to the economic meltdown the people in Yemen can't afford to just stay at home especially when there are no payrolls and there are no stable sources of income so they have money to eat. 

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

In Yemen the name of the game is containment, the UnitedNation said it could be more deadly and spread more rapidly than anywhere else in the world. In Yemen because of the conflict, there is a limited amount of people coming in and outside of the country. Yemen hs two land ports one is via Oman and the other is via Saudi Arabia and It has two main airports.

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

 Yemen may be a warzone but it still stops migrants smuggled from Africa on their way to wealthier countries. There are less than 40 isolation centers in all Yemen but with half of the population expected to be infected that likely won't be enough and the authorities are already overwhelmed.

Are we the Children of a lesser God? Yemen cries

 As the Houthis in the form of government battle for control Yeman remains fragmented a nationwide response of the virus is impossible and there is no single body to track all the cases. Houthi leadership has even downplayed the virus they claim that America has been planning for years to benefit from the coronavirus. The rebels control the most populated areas and yet has reported the lowest infection figures, Some activist believes that they are deliberately under-reporting the cases. Some sources are saying that the reason why they have not responded to the coronavirus because it threatens them economically and so therefore also threatens their control, but on the other side lots of people could contract coronavirus and lots of people could die. Even in such a horrific situation, Houthis and Saudis show no sign of seize fire.

5 Beautiful Hadiths About Yemen


"had it not be for the migration to Madina, I would have been from the people of Yemen!" Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


"Calmness is found among the owner of sheep. Faith is Yemeni, and wisdom is also Yemen." Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


"Whosoever loves the people of Yemen, certainly he has loved me, and whosoever angers this, certainly has angered me."Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

"Verily Allah has commanded you to make the pilgrimage of Hajj to this House, so make your Hajj to it and those who perform the Hajj respond to him until the  day of judgment; and those were the first to respond were the people of Yemen."Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

"When people would come from Yemen, the Prophet would say, "Welcome to the group of Prophet Shu'ayb and clerics of Prophet Musa! A soft-hearted community, their hearts firmly established with their faith."Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

How to Help the People of Yemen?

Millions of people in Yemen are suffering from malnutrition.
Here is what we can do 
  1.  The free rice app A free multiple-choice quiz game that through ads, donates 10 grains of rice to people in need via the UN's World food program for every right answer you get.
  2. The share the meal app, it costs $0.5 to feed one child for a day. Here you can donate to different countries suffering from malnutrition, including Yemen via the UN's World food program.

  3. Sign the following petitions (
    stop the flow of weapon to Yemen)     (
    Compassion and action for Yemen crises refugees), ( stop the war and end famine in Yemen), (save Yemen from extinction)
  4.  If you can donate to save the children, Islamic relief, UNICEF

    According to UNICEF, more than 24 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance and the humanitarian crisis is considered to be the largest one in the world. Despite the conflict going on there has been little media coverage on it.
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