Saturday, June 20, 2020

The USA federal Judge has refused to block John Bolton's book

A federal judge has just refused to block a terror book from the former national security advisor John Bolton. The Judge said that the dept of Justice has not presented enough evidence that should stop the publication of this book. However, the damage has already been done the book is already out there it had been leaked and even he was to issue its injunction there is no way to stop it from continuing to spread on the internet. He doesn't let Mr. Bolton off the hook he talks about how he published this book without the approval of the Whitehouse and the judge notes that it really opens the door to Bolton to be punished in the future. 

The judge said"If there is classified information the Bolton could lose profit he could expose himself to criminal liability' 

President Trump has already responded very quickly on twitter he essentially attacked Bolton he said that he was all washed up until the President himself gave him a chance then it says that Bolton broke the law by releasing classified information in massive amount and now he must pay a very big price of it as others have in the Past.

However, it is still unclear whether or not there is classified information in it. 

10 BOMB SHELL IN John Bolton's book 
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