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Friday, June 26, 2020

The USA just saw a record new coronavirus cases in a single day

The USA just saw a record new coronavirus cases in a single day
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The US just saw a record number of coronavirus cases in a single day 45,557 diagnoses reported. Wednesday's cases top the previous highest daily count from April 26 which was during the first peak of the Pandemic in the USA. The record surpasses the April record by more than 9000 cases. In the North East, there has been a steep decline in the cases since the region was an epicenter of the coronavirus infection. Newyork, NewJersey, and Connecticut now plan to quarantine visitors from hotspots for two weeks.

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States struggling with New coronavirus infection include California, Oklahoma, and Arizona. 29 US states are seeing a spike in Coronavirus cases. 

According to the recent report, an increasing number of new cases include young people who were previously thought to be at lesser risk. According to the governor of Florida, 60 percent of the new coronavirus cases are under the age of 45. According to him, some younger people have let down their guard. Many bars in Tampa have shut down after the staff tested positive. Texas governor has shown up a graph showing a sharp rise in hospitalization ie: 3200 per day.

In Arizona, People stood in line several kms long to get tested the stated recorded more than three thousand new cases over the weekend bringing Arizona's total confirmed cases to are than 50000. President Donald Trump reportedly was furious when hi Oklahoma rally on Saturday flopped with a much smaller crowd than anticipated. Trump plans another campaign in Pheonix Arizona on Tuesday. 


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