Sunday, June 7, 2020

Trump orders Pentagon to remove troops from Germany

Trump orders Penatgon to remove troops from Germany
President Trump has ordered  The Pentagon to cut the number of Troops stationed in Germany by nearly a third according to the government sources sighted by the Wallstreet journal about 25000 will stay in Germany American Forces were stationed in Germany since the End of World WAR 2. However, there was no official communication or information conveyed to the German government some critics suggests that it was more like a political decision. German diplomats said that first, we have to consider that overwhelming part of American military presence in Germany is not related to territorial defense related to Germany but its exercises headquarter functions for broader presence in Europe and even in Africa it is a major hub of global operations of the US military, in particular, the Ramstein airbase in the lanch to a medical facility which is potentially weakening the US capabilities not only in the region but also globally he added that American men and their families are more than welcome in Germany and we have also corporated with them in the past as well. 
By removing the troops from Germany USA has broken the commitment of protectin its European Allies up till now the Whitehouse has not confirmed the Plan which was reported to be on Friday by the WALLSTREET JOURNAL. Roughly 9750 troops have been removed from Germany as of March 31st there were 34674 troops stationed in Germany some 19000 additional employees support the US military personnel. Moscow undoubtedly will cheer any reduction of the US military. There were no Indications that NATO officials were briefed of Trump's plan ahead of time. 
In recent months US president has occasionally cut allies off guard of unilateral military action including withdrawal from Syria that setoff turmoil in the region and surprised target killing of an Iranian general that forces NATO to suspend its mission in Iraq. Trump's withdrawal from Syria put US in conflict with Turkey another NATO ally. 

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