Monday, June 1, 2020

Two Russian Fighter Jets Intercepted US P-8A poseidon

US Navy has released disturbing images of two fully armed Russian fighter jets which the Navy said flew dangerously close to the US maritime reconnaissance plane. The Russian jets flew on either side of the American Aircraft over International water over the easter Medittarean sea yesterday.

The US fleet said that the intercept lasted a little more than an hour the navy said it is the third time in two months the Russian pilots have done something like this. The Russian jets SU-35 are supersonic jets the P-8A Poseidon aircraft the reconnaissance plane is a modified 737 so it was not nearly a fair game. The interception lasted for 65 minutes  

The Russian military feels that if it is necessary to let everybody know that they are still on the world's stage and are still on the scene and they have pretty good miliary power. Airforce general of US told reporters on Tuesday that the US military should be mindful that rivals like Russia will like to test any weakness among the US and its allies during the coronavirus crisis. We have the ability to respond at a moment's notice he further said. On Friday defense secretary renewed the message Our adversaries are not standing down we will continue to make sure that the defense department is ready to protect the USA.

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