Monday, June 8, 2020

US forces conducted airstrikes in Afghanistan

US forces conducted airstrikes in Afghanistan
US Forces has conducted 2 Airstrikes on Taliban Fighters to foil the militant Group’s Plan to Launch Attacks on Afghan Security forces, a US military spokesperson said on Friday, in a move that could hurt the Peace Process.

The Airstrikes, conducted in 2 Different Provinces, were the 1st since the start of the Eid ceasefire Declared by the Taliban and Afghan forces last month.

Sonny Leggett, a US military spokesperson based in Afghanistan, said in a tweet that an Airstrike was carried out Against 25 armed Taliban fighters Executing a coordinated attack on an Afghan force checkpoint in Farah Province in the west.

He said a 2nd attack was conducted in Kandahar in the south.

He did not give casualty figures, and a Taliban spokesperson Refused to comment on the Airstrikes, which were conducted at a time when the United States is steadily Pulling its troops out of Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump in recent weeks has restated his desire for a Full military Withdrawal from Afghanistan but has not set a Target Date, amid speculation he might make ending America’s longest war part of his Re-election Campaign.

But Afghan security officials and European  Diplomats said the fighting had yet to end Despite all Parties working towards Finding a Political settlement to End the Afghan War.

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