Wednesday, June 3, 2020

USA exploding from inside

USA exploding from inside
It's the 8th day running the protest that has been seen across the major cities of the US. Protestors brought their message to the doorstep of President Trump in Washington DC throwing fireworks at military police in the Lafiade Park in front of the Whitehouse and were responded with Pepper Spray. The Minnesota governor activated a full mobilization of National guard after 7 nights of violent protest. Tear gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse protestors who violated the 8pm curfew the media crew was far from safe there is a media crew hit by a police barrage. In Newyork thousands of protestors swarm the streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and queens. Holding signs wearing masks and stopping traffic. Some of the demonstrations turned violent and police cruisers were set ablaze while in another incident a police vehicle was seen on driving at people. The anger across the major cities of America was palpable and looters took advantage of the situation in Philadelphia a local media reported that in some block every single has been looted. Despite the unrest the message fro demonstrators was consistent thy want tougher murder charges and more arrest over the death of GeorgeFloyd and an end to what they see as institutional racism. In Indiana, 1 person was reported to be dead in a protest in the downtown area with multiple governors calling out for National guards in their state and curfew enacted in major cities at the moment there is no end in sight this is the worst civilunrest US has witnessed in decades

shocking image shows how Indian soldiers are beaten and tied up by Chinese army 

Two Russian Fighter Jets Intercepted US P-8A poseidon  


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