Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Indian army raped 30 women in Just one night in the Indian occupied Kashmir

Indian army raped 30 women in Just one night in the Indian occupied Kashmir

After the shameful defeat from the Chinese army and losing its soldiers and area at the hands of PLA, the frustrated Indian army soldiers raped Kashimi women in the Indian Occupied Kashmiri women.

In the last 4 decades, the number of Rape cases in India surged nearly 900 percent to 24923, according to the statistics from the national crime records Bureau. However, the real numbers still remain unreported. Many rape cases go unreported, the problem may be worse. Some activists reported that only 10 percent of rape cases are reported - others feared as few as one percent are. With such a state of Indian society imagine what Indian Occupied forces that are notorious for routine sexual assault, rape, and torture do in the area it illegally occupies.

A young Kashmiri girl decided to speak out about the brutality which was done with her when She was just 16 years old and Kidnaped from her school and was brutally raped by the Indian army soldiers. This is what she said" They used a big metal roller with nails on it, I don't know what they did but when they rolled it on my hands and legs I felt such pain that my eyes turned back and my turned rolled back. My hands were tied they were two men and I was a girl, alone and young, so I couldn't do anything then he tore my clothes like this, he tore my uniform. I was thinking that they are going to rape me and then that's what happened they tore my uniform and ruined my life."

According to the UN'S latest report, Indian army soldiers raped Kashmiri women from the age of 3 to the age of 80.
A human right report found that the height of the insurgency and rape by security forces in the Indian occupied Kashmir is widespread. Indian army has been using rape as a weapon of war.

Even the foreigners are not safe in India as the curse of rape is widespread, recently an American woman got raped in India and was denied the right of Justice by the Indian Embassy in US.

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