Monday, July 6, 2020

China called USA paper tigers as the two US aircraft carriers get close to South China sea

China called USA paper tigers as the two US aircraft carriers get close to South China sea

The rivalry might Turn into a full-fledged war

The US has deployed two aircraft carriers in the south China sea after the US secretary of state said that the US moves to counter Chinese aggression. The United States wants to deliver the message to China that it does not appreciate the Beijing military ramp-up in the region. According to the Indian Media, the Net has been laid for the dragon, as China flexes muscle in the Asia-Pacific America is trying to corner it. The United States has sent two of its supercarriers USS RONALD REAGAN AND USS NIMTZ to be deployed in the South China sea. Both the aircraft carriers are Nuclear powered Multi-mission aircraft carriers. These giant ships are one of the biggest in the world each carries approximately 5000 sailors. The presence of two carriers is a significant show of force and increase tensions between Washington and Beijing. According to the Indian media, China has opened fronts in Ladakh, Vietnam, and Taiwan. 

How the Chinese killed 20 Indian soldiers without even firing a bullet

The US has moved its support from Europe to Asia. The rivalry between the USA and China could turn in a full-fledged war. However, after what happened in Ladakh Indian PM is so afraid and Tense that he refused to visit the LINE OF ACTUAL CONTROL and address the Soldiers from a distance of 230 km from any forward post.

credit The Hindu Times

Reacting to the US move the official newspaper of China The global times stated," The two US aircraft carrier battle groups are nothing but PAPER TIGERS on Chinas doorstep, as PLA fully grasp the region with specially made weapons that can destroy the US carriers, and US drills are mere show to make up for its loss of face regarding epidemic control and indicated it knows it has lost its HongKong card following China's National security legislation, forcing it to shift focus to the South China Sea and Taiwan to contain China, an analyst said on Sunday"

credit The Global Times

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