Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Taiwan Offers fake flights for travel starved tourist

Taiwan Offers fake flights for travel starved tourist

Passengers in Taiwan are boarding a flight to nowhere!

Are you bored with staying at home due to coronavirus lockdown? One Taiwanese Airport has the solution - a Fake itinerary where you check-in, go through Passport Control and Security, and Even Board the Aircraft, You just never Leave.

Taipei’s downtown Songshan Airport on Thursday began Offering travelers the chance to do just that, with some 60 People eager to get going, albeit to nowhere.

Around 7,000 people Applied to take Part, the winners chosen by Random. More fake Flight Experiences will take place in coming weeks

The Passengers got Boarding passes and Proceeded through security and immigration before boarding an Airbus A330 of Taiwan’s Largest carrier, China Airlines, where flight attendants chatted to them and then go home. The coronavirus lockdown has grounded most of the flights serving the Island since mid-march, but the airport in Capital Taipei gives the passengers a chance to fly amid the pandemic. Passengers are even giving a dummy itinerary for their imagined journey. Some international flights continue but Taiwan's border remains mostly closed.

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