Thursday, July 2, 2020

This is how a full fledged war between India and China will look like

This is how a full fledged war between India and China will look like

China’s first strategy in any war scenario with India is to start a four-front war with India. China has already convinced Nepal and now Nepal has placed its army on the Indian border to counter the Indian army. On the other hand, India has seven sister states including ArunachalPradeshAssamMeghalayaManipurMizoramNagaland, and Tripura all of them are against India and want a separate homeland and an independent nation, according to the recent reports a huge number of Gorilla commandos are present in the area who are fully equipped and are ready to start Gorilla warfare at any moment against India.

Finally, China will ask Pakistan to attack India and force India into a Four-front war situation. In this way, India’s military strength is whittled down while China can preserve its strength for a relentless assault. It is unlikely Pakistan would stay neutral or ally with India against China given the relations between the two.

Once China does make its move, India will transfer battle-hardened units from the Pakistani border to counter the PLA and India will be convinced to move its military from Indian occupied Kashmir, while new units will be placed to fight against Pakistan. Uttarakhand, not Sikkim as people often believe, will bear the brunt of Chinese attacks. Uttarakhand’s capture will put the PLA within striking distance of New Delhi. Fortunately for India, Uttarakhand is close enough to Punjab for rapid troop movements. In contrast, Tibet, the only part of China bordering India, is a long-distance from major cities like Shanghai and Beijing. China has already placed its military in the Tibetan region according to the most recent report China has also placed strategic bombers in the area along with heavy artillery.

PM of India seeks refuge in French-made Rafale as the dragon approaches

Considering the facts, geopolitical situation, and the motivation of Indian soldiers, India will lose this four front war badly. PLA will occupy their capital, and India will permanently lose Kashmir and Sikkim. But if China loses, the most they can lose is Tibet. But ignoring Pakistan's strength is a major mistake, the Pakistani army is battle-hardened and history has proved that Pakistan is not a walkover. The Indian Army will probably be using illegally captured Pakistani trucks, armored cars, tanks, and artillery. Some of this hardware was manufactured by China and supplied by them to Pakistan. These include the Type 85, Type 69 and Type 59 battle tanks, of which Pakistan has a total of 1,190. Pakistan’s Chinese-manufactured Type 54 heavy machine gun will be of great use to India when captured. As the PLA also uses this equipment, it will provide a great advantage to the Indian Army once they get their hands on it.

India was expecting support From US in the war against China, however, the US has realized that even after years of effort and support, India has failed to contain China. So this time the US pulled its self back and India was left alone to counter the dragon.
Recently Indian defense minister went to Russia to attend the military day parade. According to the source India's aim was to create a rift between Russia and China, however that plan backfired, backfired in the sense that Russia delayed the delivery of s-400 missile defense system to India to December 2021, in addition, Russia has also told India that the s-400 missile defense system will no be used against China and Pakistan.

Now Modi the PM of India needs a face-saving and order to divert the attention of Indian Public, Indian establishment is planning a false flag operation.

Russian Military Intelligence officials paid or try to pay Taliban fighters to get them to kill US and British soldiers

Israel wants to complete project greater Israel before the arrival of antiChrist


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