Friday, July 3, 2020

United States has recently deployed the biggest naval fleet in the South China sea

United States has recently deployed the biggest naval fleet in the South China sea

The deployment of three 100 thousand ton US navy aircraft carriers to the pacific ocean for the first time in years has drawn swift reaction from China with state-sponsored media saying that Beijing will not back down to defend its interest in the region. The USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Roosevelt are both patrolling in the western pacific while the USS Nimitz is in the east, according to the US navy press releases. With each vessel containing more than 60 aircraft, represents the biggest deployment of the US aircraft carriers in the Pacific since 2017, when tensions with North Korea at their nuclear program were at their peak. The Presence of the carriers was first highlighted in an associated press report on Friday. It stated 
"Carriers and carriers strike groups writ large are phenomenal symbols of American Naval power. I am pretty fired up that we have got three of them" Rear Admin Stephen Koehler (Director of the operation at Indo-Pacific command in Hawaii)

On Sunday the Global Time, China's official newspaper said that carriers could threaten troops in the disputed South China sea. Financing these aircraft carriers the US is demonstrating to the entire region and to the whole world that it remains the most powerful naval force.

Prime Minister of India seeks refuge in Rafale as the dragon approaches

The report posted on the Peoples Liberation army official English website also highlighted the options available to the Chinese military adding that Beijing could hold drills in response to show its firepower. China has the aircraft CARRIER killer weapons like the DF21D AND DF26 anti-ship Ballistic missiles the story said. The deployment means three out of seven US Navy aircraft carriers are in the Pacific.

 The other four are port for maintenance. Collin Koh a research fellow at the Institute of defense and strategic studies said that "China reacted strongly because the presence of the carriers conflicts with Beijing's pretrial of the US Navy as a force crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. 


The guided-missile destroyer USS BARRY operates with the USS Ronald Reagan in the Philippine Sea in the May 30th, the moves come after the US pacific fleet said last month that its forward-deployed submarines were at sea conducting operation in the western Pacific.

This is how a full-fledged war between India and China will look like


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