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Sunday, July 12, 2020

US NAVY ship is on fire

US NAVY ship is on fire

Several sailors have suffered injuries as a result of an explosion on USS BONHOMME RICHARD, according to analysts some sort of blast has happened but no one is sure about the real reason of the fire. Sandiego public information officer said that the ship has just completed maintenance so one possibility is that the fire erupted as a result of a maintenance process, or due to some sort of repair which was not made properly. 

US NAVY ship is on fire

The ship is still in the navy shipyard. This ship about 845 ft long roughly the length of an aircraft carrier in world war2. It is a helicopter assault ship it is not used to carry aircraft. The ship accompanied about 1200 sailors but since today is Sunday and the ship is on board so 200 to 250 sailors were on board when the major fire erupted. It is on the Naval base San Diego which is the largest naval base on the Westcoast. 

US NAVY ship is on fire

More than 45 different types of ships are also present on the same base. According to the most recent Photoage, right USS BONHOMME RICHARD is present very close to a US Navy destroyer. This ship is considered to be very important as it is used in different expedition strike groups and is used to project power forward and to the shore in supporting the marines as they conduct an operation on shores. Some analysts say that an explosion was also heard.



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