Thursday, July 9, 2020

USA sent Dual aircraft carriers to counter the Dragon

USA sent Dual aircraft carriers to counter the Dragon

Two US aircrafts USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz are in the water of South China sea, this is the first time since 2014 the US has to send Dual carriers for drills in the area. Bot the carriers are Nuclear powered carrying at least 5000 American soldiers each, which has happened when the Chinese navy started drills in the area days before. The Chinese foreign ministry said that the USA  has deliberately sent carriers in the South China sea to Flexes muscles and accused Washington of trying to drawing a wedge between China and other countries in the region.  SO is this an incident? What the presence of dual carriers indicate? 

According to the Newyork Times, a US navy official said that the carrier mission was previously planned to ensure that shipping lanes and navigation remained opened in the international waters. This area has almost one-third of the trade goods in the world go through this area so it as an important place. However, most of the ships passing through the area are Chinese so the idea that China is going to impede its own trade doesn't sound logical. The International freight ships are also passing through the area (coming back and forth to China) however no such complaint has been reported by them.

However the Chinese are of the opinion that all these moves are connected with Donald Trump's re-election, According to the Chinese media agency, Trump is throwing two narratives. One is that China is the absolute evil force in the world and Second if anyone is opposed to US policies they are somehow them and they are bad. According to the Chinese analysts, Donald Trump wants to join these two narratives by an essence having some sort of military skirmish but not a war. However, the Indian PM Modi used the same strategy before his re-election when he sent Indian airforce Jets into Pakistan, Which were shot down by the Pakistan airforce and an Indian airforce pilot was held captive who was later released by the PM of Pakistan as a peace gesture. But whatever happened Indian PM Modi was successful with his strategy as it became the sole reason for his winning in the re-election.

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